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This information can be downloaded from this page in PDF format. Single printed copies are also available by request via e-mail: oag@oag.state.md.us or telephone: (410) 576-6300 or 1 (888) 743-0023 toll-free in Maryland



Sex offenders come in all shapes and sizes. They can be adolescents or senior citizens, homeless or executives in Fortune 500 companies, and they can come from any racial, ethnic or religious background. They cannot, therefore, be identified easily. Yet certain behaviors can be a sign of trouble, although it is also important to remember that such behaviors are not always indicative of sexual offending. Some common warning signs can include an adult who:

  • insists on hugging, kissing, touching, wrestling or holding a child even if the child resists;
  • is too interested in a child’s developing body, sexuality, dating habits, etc.;
  • seeks uninterrupted time alone with a child;
  • spends more time with children than with people his own age, and more time doing activities involving children;
  • offers to babysit children free of charge and/or takes them on overnight outings alone;
  • gives children inappropriate gifts or money for no reason;
  • often walks in on children in the bathroom;
  • is too permissive with children and allows misbehavior;
  • talks repeatedly about the sexual activities of children and teens;
  • talks with children about sexual fantasies, and seems unclear about what is O.K. to do and talk about with children;
  • encourages children to keep secrets;
  • looks at child pornography;
  • asks adult partners to dress or act like children or teens during sexual activity;
  • has a series of children who are “special friends;”
  • makes fun of children’s body parts, and calls them sexual names such as “stud” or “whore.”



Attorney General of Maryland 1 (888) 743-0023 toll-free / TDD: (410) 576-6372
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