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My fellow Marylanders,

We have all read the chilling headlines or sat glued to television reports of children sexually assaulted, kidnapped and sometimes brutally murdered by violent sexual predators. No one can hear such heartbreaking stories without recoiling in horror for the latest victim and shuddering with fear.

I have long been concerned about this danger. In past years I have championed legislation to strengthen our laws protecting children from sexual offenders, and I will push for more of such measures again this upcoming year. Most convicted sex offenders eventually leave prison and return to live in communities all over Maryland. We need better and longer supervision of these offenders, if necessary for their entire lifetimes. We must also do more to notify communities about sex offenders. I plan to do everything possible to make sure these reforms become law.

Yet I also believe that, if armed with better information, Marylanders can do a lot to protect themselves and their children from these crimes. Knowledge is power, and on these pages I hope to give parents and others a better understanding of how sexual offending happens, what to do if they suspect it, and what measures they can take to safeguard against it. No community can eliminate this risk completely, but our children deserve our best shot. We must know that we have done everything possible to beat the odds.

J. Joseph Curran, Jr.
Attorney General

December 7, 2005



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