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Notario storefront imageBEWARE OF IMMIGRATION FRAUD

Many noncitizens who might otherwise gain legal status and qualify for immigration benefits find they are permanently unable to obtain United States citizenship because of the illegal actions of an unlicensed immigration consultant.

You might have been a victim of immigration fraud if the person offering immigration assistance identified him or herself as a “notario,” “visa consultant” or “licenciado.” In the United States, a notary is NOT a lawyer and may not provide you with legal advice.

BE WARNED: While many legitimate community and religious organizations provide immigration-related services, non-lawyers who advertise as immigration consultants, notarios, notario publicos, or abogados are neither authorized nor qualified to provide legal advice or legal services concerning immigration matters.

In Spanish, the term "notario" refers to someone who can provide certain limited legal services. In English, the term "notary" refers to someone who can officially witness and authenticate signatures on documents. In the United States, a notary is NOT authorized to provide legal advice or services of any kind.

For free copies of immigration forms, visit www.uscis.gov/forms.


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