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Reflections in Civil Rights

Hooper's Restaurant sit-In
December 2014
The Power of the Protest

Title IX graphic
November 2014
Title IX - Reducing Sexual Misconduct at Maryland Colleges and Universities

African american using smart phone
October 2014
Empowerment Through Media

NOW and LaRaza logos
National Civil Rights Organizations Part 2

NAACP and ACLU logos
National Civil Rights Organizations Part 1

Thurgood Marshall monument in Annapolis
July 2014
50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Collection of diverse human figures
June 2014
Grassroots Movements: Bringing the Law to Life


Collection of diverse human figures
May 2014
Beyond Brown - Pursuing the Promise

Earthday graphic
April 2014
Environmental Justice For All Marylanders

Image of statue blindfolded with the maryland flag  with scales of justice
March 2014
Fairness For All Marylanders

Equal housing opportunity logo
February 2014
Equal Housing Opportunity

LBJ and MLK sign voting rights act
January 2014
Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day







Civil Rights Division

The Office of the Attorney General Civil Rights Division performs a number of diverse yet interrelated duties to protect civil rights and build community partnerships:

  • We review and respond to constituent complaints involving alleged civil rights violations and discrimination.

  • We evaluate possible civil rights violations based on patterns or practices that have a significant impact in Maryland.

  • We work closely with other divisions and units at the Office of the Attorney General, the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights, Maryland State's Attorneys, Office of the Public Defender, and other government agencies and organizations.

  • During the Maryland legislative session, we monitor legislation that involves civil rights or addresses matters relating to discrimination with a view towards making recommendations.

  • Furthermore, the Division engages in community outreach activities to educate the public about their civil rights through partnerships with advocacy groups, law enforcement, and the faith community.

Voting Rights Act; 50 years of progress. (PDF)

Community Resources: Know Your Rights

Additional Resources

The Thurgood Marshall Opportunity Law Clerkship is a summer collaborative effort of the Maryland Office of the Attorney General and several local law firms to attract diverse students who demonstrate not only a devotion to public service and the public good, but also exceptional leadership potential. The goal is to encourage these students to consider public sector service during their legal careers, and to provide these students with an excellent summer internship that enhances their future employment opportunities. Selected participants will serve in one of the several divisions at the downtown Baltimore location of the Office of the Attorney General. The clerkship program is 8 weeks and includes various receptions and events for the law clerks as well.

For more information please see the program guide and FAQs.

Apply for the Thurgood Marshall Opportunity Law Clerkship here.

To contact our Civil Rights Division, email civilrights@oag.state.md.us, or call 410-576-6300 or 888-743-0023 toll-free.



Attorney General of Maryland 1 (888) 743-0023 toll-free / TDD: (410) 576-6372
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