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Have any comments on these web pages? Do you have suggestions for other topics, or a question about consumer rights you'd like us to answer? E-mail your comments and questions to: wisebuys@oag.state.md.us

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Q: What can I do if I think I've been ripped off, or I have a problem with a store that I can't work out?

A: Consumers can contact the Consumer Protection Division in the Maryland Attorney General's Office, at consumer@oag.state.md.us or (410) 528-8662. They offer helpful advice and you can decide if you want to file a complaint. The Division may be able to help you work out the problem with the store.

Q: What does the Maryland Attorney General do?

Attorney General J. Joseph Curran, Jr.A: The Attorney General is an elected official who is elected every four years. He or she is the "lawyer for the state," and gives legal advice to all branches of state government.  Brian E. Frosh is our current Attorney General.

The Attorney General answers legal questions that other governmental officials have. For example, a county asked the Attorney General if a seeing-eye dog has to have a special license or identification in a public space. (The answer: No)

The Attorney General's Office also investigates and prosecutes people and businesses who commit consumer fraud, investment fraud, insurance fraud, Medicaid Fraud, and environmental crimes.

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