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For Immediate Release
June 7, 2006
Media Contact:
Kevin Enright 410-576-6357


It’s no secret that the cost for home energy – both natural gas and electricity -- is on the rise. To help consumers combat energy increases and save money on energy costs, Maryland Attorney General J. Joseph Curran, Jr.’s Consumer Protection Division offers simple energy saving solutions in this month’s edition of its consumer newsletter, The Consumer’s Edge.

Curran noted that each year a typical home uses 44% of its energy on heating and cooling, 33% on lighting, cooking, and appliances, 15% on hot water, and 8% on the refrigerator.

“There are many no and low-cost steps each of us can take to reduce our home energy usage that will save us money in the long run and be good for the environment,” Curran said.

For example, by setting your thermostat below 73 degrees in the winter, you can save 2 to 4% in heating costs. Likewise, in the summer, for each degree you raise your thermostat above 72 degrees, you can save approximately 5 to 7% on cooling expenses.

A consumer in Owings Mills accrued high energy bills in her home until she purchased a programmable thermostat for $60 and installed it in her home. The thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature at different times of the day, while she and her husband are at work or when they are asleep. She lowered her energy bill by nearly $100 a month as a result of installing her programmable thermostat.

More tips on how to conserve energy and save money can be found in The Consumer’s Edge at

Curran’s office distributes The Consumer’s Edge through businesses, schools, and community associations. Groups interested in the newsletter should call 410-576-6500.



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