Office of Maryland Attorney General J. Joseph Curran, Jr.

March 23, 2001 Media Inquiries: Sean Caine 410-576-6357


Baltimore - J. Joseph Curran, Jr. announced today that Nancy A. Rosen, the Executive Director of the American Foundation for Autistic Children ("AFAC"), pleaded guilty to one count of Medicaid Health Plan Fraud, for submitting false receipts to the state in an attempt to justify $50,000 worth of checks that she wrote to herself on the American Foundation for Autistic Childrenís operating account. The American Foundation for Autistic Children, located in Brookeville, Maryland, is a non-profit organization established in 1967 to provide services to developmentally disabled children and adults.

Judge Bonita J. Dancy sentenced Rosen, 49, of the 8900 block of Greensboro Drive in McLean, Virginia, to three years incarceration, suspending the entire sentence. Judge Dancy also ordered that Rosen pay $35,000 restitution and a $50,000 fine to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Rosen must also perform 1,500 hours community service and will be placed on three years supervised probation.

According to the Statement of Facts submitted by the state in support of Rosenís guilty plea, from October 1994 through December 1998 Rosen wrote more than $50,000 worth of checks to herself using AFACís funds. Pursuant to a routine audit conducted by the Audit Division of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Rosen was asked to substantiate the checks that she had written to herself. Over the course of the next several weeks, Rosen altered, copied and prepared fraudulent receipts which she submitted to DHMH, claiming that the phony receipts represented personal expenditures that she made on behalf of the clients for which she was entitled to reimbursement.

The Audit Division of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene referred this case to Medicaid Fraud Control Unit of the Attorney Generalís Office who investigated and prosecuted this case.

"Ms. Rosen got entangled in a web of greed and deceit," Attorney General Curran said. "Fortunately, the auditing system that is in place to protect the stateís interests, worked well in this case. I can only hope it will deter others from committing similar acts."