Curran Response to Filing in Microsoft Case

April 28, 2000

Attorney General J. Joseph Curran, Jr., announced today his response to the proposed remedy filed today in the antitrust lawsuit he and 18 other attorneys general filed, along with the Department of Justice, against Microsoft Corp.

"After nearly two years of litigation, Judge Jackson found that Microsoft is not only a monopoly that controls over 90 percent of the computers in this country, but is a monopoly that uses its size and power in illegal ways," General Curran said. "Because of Microsoft's abusive conduct, many innovative start-up companies have not been able to compete.

"There are an estimated 64 million American households with personal computers today," Curran said. "The computer industry is a vital market that we must keep competitive. Through competition we get new and improved products. Bill Gates achieved his initial successes through competition and innovation. Others should have the same opportunities."

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