Office of Maryland Attorney General J. Joseph Curran, Jr.

November 3, 2000

Home Builders call: 410-576-6573

All Maryland Home Builders Must Register with the State as of January 1

Baltimore - Attorney General J. Joseph Curran, Jr., today alerted home builders throughout the state that they must register with the newly created Home Builder Registration Unit. An Act passed by the General Assembly created the new Unit, which exists within the Office of the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division.

The Maryland Home Builder Registration Act requires that home builders, except those that build exclusively in Montgomery County, must register by January 1, 2001. To register, a builder must complete a registration application form and pay a registration fee of $600, which will cover a two-year registration. After January 1, builders will not be able to get building permits unless they are registered with the state.

The new law also requires builders to make changes to the contracts they use. Among other things, the contracts must now include the builder's registration number, a provision stating that the new home will be constructed in accordance with all applicable building codes, and a statement of which performance standards or guidelines the builder will comply with in the construction. Builders are also required to give their customers a copy of a consumer information pamphlet that will outline new home buyers' rights.

The Unit will publish a database of registered home builders on its website so that consumers will be able to check whether a builder is registered as required.

Builders may get the registration application form and additional information by calling the Home Builder Registration Unit at 410-576-6573 in the Baltimore area or toll-free at 1-877-259-4525, by faxing a request to 410-576-6566, or by downloading the form and instructions at the Unit's website at The text of the Maryland Home Builder Registration Act and related laws are on the website.