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12/30/04 Curran's Consumer Protection Division revokes the registration of two builders
12/30/04 Consumer Protection Division enters into settlements with three unregistered home builders
12/23/04 Former podiatrist convicted of felony insurance fraud, theft and conspiracy to distribute narcotics
12/15/04 Nursing assistant placed on probation for striking a vulnerable adult
12/13/04 Insurance agent incarcerated for insurance fraud
12/10/04 Former residential counselor guilty of abusing vulnerable adult
12/9/04 Targeting African-American communities, businessman sentenced on securities fraud
12/8/04 Former owner of assisted living facility pleads guilty to abuse of a developmentally disabled man
12/7/04 Consumer alert: gift cards are popular gifts, but watch out for expiration dates and fees
12/7/04 Curran warns about "government grant" telemarketing scam
12/6/04 Former jury commissioner convicted of stealing $143,000 from the court
12/3/04 Former volunteer fire department treasurer receives 30-day sentence for embezzlement
11/30/04 Former CEO Rachel Chittams receives 5-year sentence for embezzlement and securities fraud
11/30/04 Calvert County man charged for illegal well drilling
11/24/04 Annapolis man charged with wetlands and sediment control violations
11/22/04 Harford County pawn broker arrested for illegal sales of regulated firearms
11/22/04 Severn man charged with insurance fraud
11/18/04 Consumer Protection Division issues cease and desist order against Baltimore travel business
11/16/04 Baltimore City hazardous substance violation nets jail term
11/10/04 Caregiver convicted of involuntary manslaughter
11/08/04 Former certified nurse sentenced to 6 months in jail
10/28/04 Montgomery County demolition leads to water pollution charges
10/25/04 Man charged with filing false worker's compensation claim
10/22/04 Consumer alert: health discount cards promise big savings, don't always deliver
10/22/04 Former house counselor charged with neglect of a vulnerable adult
10/21/04 Attorney General Curran announces Remeron settlement for consumers
10/13/04 Baltimore City police officer charged with insurance fraud
10/08/04 Consumer Protection Division issues cease and desist order against loan company
10/08/04 Unlicensed chiropractor sentenced
10/06/04 Landmark settlement of "Kool Mix" tobacco lawsuits; R.j. Reynolds agrees to significant restrictions on future promotions
10/06/04 Former podiatrist charged with insurance fraud, theft and conspiracy to distribute narcotics
10/06/04 Five charged in fraudulent automobile accident scam
10/05/04 Curran's Consumer Protection Division files charges against Garrett County builder
10/04/04 Media Advisory: Maryland Open Meetings Act Manual updated
10/04/04 Former Baltimore City Social Services workers sentenced to 6 months home detention for stealing over $100,000
09/29/04 Owner of Better Hearing Centers convicted of unfair and deceptive trade practices and providing hearing aid services without a license
09/29/04 Carpet cleaner sentenced for water pollution in Baltimore County
09/29/04 Curran's Consumer Protection Division files charges against Garrett County builder
09/28/04 Prince George's County woman indicted for forging her deceased mother's signature on checks
09/28/04 Baltimore County man indicted on new charges after being sentenced to 10 years in prison for a mortgage refinancing scheme
09/24/04 Prince George's County insurance agent convicted of insurance fraud
09/24/04 Former director of nonprofit charged with theft
09/23/04 Conspirators indicted for filing fraudulent tax returns
09/22/04 Chiropractor convicted in Montgomery County of practicing without a license
09/22/04 Former state employee convicted of stealing $12,000
09/20/04 Laurel woman sentenced for attempted $2.6 million tax scam
09/20/04 Former volunteer fire department treasurer pleads guilty to embezzlement
09/16/04 Personal care provider to vulnerable adult sentenced
09/16/04 Consumer Protection Division orders unlicensed home builder to pay more than $123,000
09/10/04 Consumer Protection Division issues cease and desist order against Baltimore area builders
09/09/04 Former general manager of travel agency sentenced to 5 years for felony theft
09/08/04 Curran announces agreement to curb tobacco sales to minors in Rite Aid stores
09/02/04 Two former caregivers charged with neglect of a vulnerable adult
09/01/04 Attorney General's Office files charges against six health clubs and self-defense schools
08/26/04 Montgomery County pharmacist charged with fraud
08/26/04 Maryland to receive over $500,000 in Wall Street settlement
08/24/04 Owner of multiple travel agencies sentenced to 6 months in jail for stealing over $100,000 from airlines
08/24/04 Former CEO pleads guilty to embezzlement and fraud
08/19/04 Tax scammer found guilty of felony theft
08/19/04 Another cigarette manufacturer joins the Master Settlement Agreement - Maryland to receive an additional $38.4 million dollars
08/18/04 Septic pumper jailed for septage dumping
08/17/04 Baltimore City man guilty of presenting an altered ticket to the Maryland State Lottery Agency for $175,000
08/17/04 Attorney General's Office settles with mortgage lenders who tried to make refinancing borrowers pay off their loans twice
08/12/04 Curran settles with makers of generic version of Children's Motrin®
08/11/04 Nursing assistant found guilty of felony neglect of a vulnerable adult

Former Baltimore City Social Services workers guilty of stealing over $100,000

08/05/04 Caregiver pleads guilty to fraudulent billing
08/04/04 Former caregiver pleads guilty to neglect
08/02/04 Claritin settlement nets Maryland $593,000

Former jury commissioner charged with stealing $143,000

07/28/04 Attorney General warns of rise in "phishing" e-mail scams
07/27/04 Laurel woman pleads guilty to tax fraud
07/22/04 Impostor chiropractor charged with practicing without a license
07/21/04 Former nurse charged with abuse of a vulnerable adult
07/21/04 Attorney General Curran and thirty-one other Attorneys General settle claims against three wireless carriers
07/19/04 Insurance agent charged with insurance fraud
07/19/04 Targeting African American communities, businessman pleads guilty to securities fraud charges
07/19/04 Baltimore City police officer charged with felony insurance fraud
07/15/04 Washington County man pleads guilty to sediment violations, will fund community service project
07/14/04 Court of Appeals agrees with Curran, DNA Collection Act is constitutional
07/14/04 Tobacco manufacturer ordered to pay the state $395,196.69
07/14/04 Baltimore County man charged with filing $200,000 worth of fraudulent claims
07/12/04 Baltimore City man charged with attempting to steal from the Maryland State Lottery Agency
07/07/04 Former general manager of travel agency convicted of felony theft

Consumer Protection Division reaches settlement with Baltimore County builder over expired registration, new home warranty problems

07/06/04 Consumer Protection Division settles with four Baltimore home builders over unregistered status

Former volunteer fire department treasurer indicted on theft and embezzlement charges


Personal care provider guilty of Medicaid fraud


Curran sues maker of Kool cigarettes for targeting youth with hip-hop advertising campaign


Dundalk man pleads guilty to false statement on gun application


Rite Aid agrees to reimburse Maryland Medicaid more than $148,000


State's Consumer Protection Division celebrates 25 years of using volunteer mediators

06/23/04 Consumer advisory: foreign lottery scams

Consumer alert: Tips to make buying furniture a comfortable experience


Prince George's County man and D.C. company sentenced for fly ash dumping


Curran reaches settlement with Ford Motor Credit Company and Ford and Lincoln-Mercury dealers

06/07/04 Baltimore County man charged with water pollution
06/07/04 Attorney General: consumers should hang up on "gas coupons" telemarketing scam
06/02/04 Salisbury man indicted for septage dumping

Former insurance agent sentenced for theft


Former financial advisor sent back to prison


Curran distributes settlement exceeding $90,000 to Maryland cancer patients and their families

05/25/04 Former insurance agent convicted of felony theft
05/21/04 Assisted living facility owner charged with abuse
05/18/04 Former state employee and her boyfriend convicted and sentenced for illegal possession of oxycodone and counterfeiting prescriptions
05/14/04 Former insurance agent charged with felony theft

Curran announces nationwise settlements resolving investigation of illegal off-label drug marketing by Warner-Lambert

05/11/04 Curran to give $148,884 to Center for Poverty Solutions

Consumer Protection Division reaches settlement with auto dealership company over sweepstakes

05/10/04 City man convicted of identity fraud
05/10/04 Curran to testify to Senate on impact of smoking in the movies on children

Owner of multiple travel agencies guilty of stealing from airlines


Business owner and two Anne Arundel County companies plead guilty to sediment control violations

04/30/04 Montgomery County man charged with exploitation of a vulnerable adult, providing hearing aid services without a license, and other charges
04/29/04 Mt. Airy man convicted of allowing a child access to loaded firearms

Curran unveils prescription drug pricing website to help consumers save money by comparison shopping

04/26/04 20 Attorneys general settle consumer protections claims against Medco Health Solutions
04/21/04 Baltimore County woman pleads guilty to abuse
04/20/04 Harford County man convicted of tire dumping

Delaware well driller receives probation for false statement in Anne Arundel County

04/14/04 Care provider pleads guilty to neglect
04/14/04 Settlements announced in lawsuit alleging bid-rigging conspiracy at postage stamp auctions

Curran's initiative results in new law to protect children from sexual predators

04/12/04 State of Maryland and U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission charge Maryland resident Andrew Silberstein with stealing investor funds in commodity futures scam

Former Baltimore City police officer guilty of lottery ticket theft scheme

04/08/04 Baltimore County group home manager charged with neglect
04/08/04 Consumer Protection Division charges Anne Arundel County builder

Consumer Protection Division issues cease and desist order against Montgomery County home builder

04/02/04 President of funeral home sentenced for failing to remit withholding taxes
04/01/04 Prince George's landscaper sentenced for commercial dumping
03/31/04 Targeting African-American community, businessman arrested for embezzling over $100,000

Dundalk man sentenced for attempting to illegally purchase a handgun

03/29/04 Waldorf woman, on probation for insurance fraud, charged again
03/26/04 Baltimore brick washing company and two employees plead guilty to water pollution violations
03/25/04 Former Social Services workers indicted for theft

Former insurance agent pleads guilty to theft

03/23/04 Baltimore County man charged for wetlands and sediment violations in Anne Arundel County
03/19/04 Anne Arundel man and company charged with sediment control violations
03/18/04 Former state employee charged with stealing money

Anne Arundel County company charged with construction violation

03/15/04 Court of Special Appeals affirms Order requiring Prince George's mirror company to refund deposits, honor cancellation rights

President of funeral home found guilty of failing to remit withholding taxes

03/05/04 Curran urges new law to protect children from sexual predators
03/03/04 Former Baltimore County caregiver sentenced for neglect of a vulnerable adult
03/03/04 Baltimore woman charged with prescription fraud
02/26/04 Baltimore caregiver charged with manslaughter, neglect after fatal fire
02/24/04 Former Salisbury attorney convicted and sentenced for felony theft

Compact disc settlement yields checks for consumers, CDs for libraries and schools


Consumer Protection Division's findings against medical supply company upheld


Baltimore City police officer sentenced for insurance fraud


Montgomery County woman indicted for Medicaid fraud


Anne Arundel man gets 27 months for prison time, ordered to pay $1 million in restitution and penalties for Medicaid theft


Curran orders Cecil County man to stop offering adult website business opportunities


Former jobs coach for developmentally disabled sentenced for neglect of a vulnerable adult


Baltimore City man indicted for unlawful transportation and storage of controlled hazardous substance


Attorney General promotes 'financial literacy' for National Consumer Protection Week


Towson insurance agent sentenced for felony theft and insurance fraud


Baltimore City company charged with water pollution

01/26/04 Curran issues policy study on Alzheimer's disease care
01/22/04 Washington County man charged with sediment violations

Baltimore City brothers charged with water pollution


Maryland receives $2 million from settlements with GlaxoSmithKline and Bayer

01/09/04 Former corporate officer convicted and sentenced in Baltimore City for felony theft

Curran applauds Federal action requiring pharmaceutical manufacturers to retain drug pricing information for 10 years


Baltimore group home employee pleads guilty to neglect of vulnerable adults



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