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12/20/00 Bankrupt Hagerstown Dry Cleaner to Allow Customers to Retrieve Clothing
12/18/00 Attorney General Curran Plays Santa, Donates Toys from Settlement to Area Charities
12/11/00 Curran Charges "Flipping Ring" With Unfair, Deceptive Trade Practices
12/07/00 Attorney General Curran Charges Two in Straw Purchase of a Handgun
12/06/00 Attorney General Outlines Safety Guidelines, Lists "Dangerous Toys" for Parents
12/05/00 Curran Sanctions Hagerstown Internet Promoter for Investment Fraud
11/30/00 Curran Offers Tips on How to Protect Vulnerable Adults from Being Financially Exploited
11/22/00 Nursing Assistant Guilty in Abuse of 88-Year-Old Nursing Home Patient
11/21/00 Baltimore Chemical Company Pleads Guilty to Environmental Crimes, Ordered to Pay $165,000 in Fines, Restitution
11/17/00 Curran Orders Companies to Cease Sale of Bidi Cigs Over Internet, Warns Parents of Dangers
11/17/00 Virginia Man Convicted of Bank Theft in Maryland
11/14/00 Former State Contractor Sentenced for Procurement Fraud
11/03/00 Curran Announces Home Builder Registration Unit
11/02/00 Curran Announces Rebate for Consumers As Part of Contact Lens Settlement
10/31/00 Curran Targets "Top 10" Online Scams
10/30/00 Pikesville Man Charged with Stealing State Income Tax Refund Monies
10/30/00 Anne Arundel Grand Jury Indicts Man on Nine Felony Theft Charges
10/26/00 Former DSS Employee Convicted on Felony Theft Charges
10/25/00 Don't Let Errors in Credit Report Cost You, Attorney General Advises
10/23/00 Curran Announces Flipping/Predatory Lending Initiative
10/20/00 Curran Announces Flipping Initiative at Press Conference Monday
10/20/00 Former Insurance Agent Guilty of Insurance Fraud
10/18/00 Curran Moves to Stop Viatical Investment Fraud; Warns Unsuspecting Investors of Scheme
10/17/00 Curran's "Operation Tire Track" Results in Five Indictments
10/16/00 Curran Alerts Consumers to Options Available for Replacement of Bridgestone/Firestone Tires
10/16/00 Howard County Physician Indicted on Tax Perjury Charges
10/13/00 Sixth MTA Employee Convicted in Black Market Bus Pass Scheme
10/11/00 D.C. Police Officer Charged With Attempted Theft, Insurance Fraud
10/10/00 Curran Charges Handgun Applicant Due to Protection Order
10/06/00 Curran Announces Three Indicted in Canadian Telemarketing Scheme
10/05/00 Curran Charges Former Toll Collectors with Felony Theft
10/05/00 Curran Orders Company to Cease Offering Bogus Foreclosure Prevention Services
10/04/00 Curran, New York AG Move to Stop Hagerstown Internet Investment Fraud
09/29/00 Curran Introduces Initiative to Protect Elderly from Financial Exploitation
09/25/00 Curran's Office to Mentor Entire 7th Grade Class at Arnett J. Brown Middle School
09/22/00 Curran Announces Recalled Tire Bounty Program, Tells Bridgestone/Firestone Incentive Not Enough
09/22/00 Curran Announces Settlement With U.S. Bancorp
09/21/00 Curran Offers Consumers Tips on Obtaining Medical Records
09/15/00 Former Baltimore County Man Sentenced for Theft and Insurance Fraud
09/15/00 Nursing Assistant Sentenced
09/13/00 Agreement Requires American Express Publishing Corp. to Make Changes in Sweepstakes
09/11/00 Curran Moves to Stop Investment Fraud
09/11/00 Curran Seeks to Protect Investors
09/01/00 Prince George's "Mortgage Broker" Sentenced for Misappropriation of Payments
09/01/00 Baltimore City Stock Swindler Sentenced
08/30/00 Talbot County Trailer Park Owner Pleads Guilty to Discharging Raw Sewage into State Waters
08/29/00 Former Contractor for State Pleads Guilty to Procurement Fraud
08/29/00 Baltimore County Nursing Home Caregiver Charged With Assault of Resident
08/28/00 Fifth MTA Bus Driver Found Guilty in Black Market Bus Pass Scheme
08/28/00 Attorney General's Office to Appeal Dismissal of Charges in Internet Solicitation Case
08/25/00 Trash Bag Supplier Convicted for Ripping Off the State
08/24/00 Agreement Requires Time Inc. to Make Changes in Sweepstakes Promotions
08/21/00 Realty Property Management Company Agrees to Stop Charging Tenants Certain Fees
08/16/00 Attorney General Curran Demands Widening of Tire Recall
08/08/00 Music Distributors, Retailers Charged with Price-Fixing
08/08/00 Worcester County Pharmacist Pleads Guilty to Medicaid Fraud
07/24/00 Prince George's Pharmacist Guilty of Conspiring to Dispense Adulterated Drugs
07/21/00 Curran Leaves Convicted Trash Bag Supplier "Holding the Bag"
07/21/00 Curran Objects to Proposed Sale of Customer List by Toysmart.com
07/20/00 Former Howard County Broker/Dealer Indicted on Theft, Securities Charges
07/14/00 Coin Dealer Sentenced in Multi-Million Dollar Fraud and Conspiracy
07/13/00 State Attorneys General And Federal Trade Commission Recover $100 Million From Prescription Drug Manufacturer
07/11/00 Baltimore City Stock Swindler Charged
06/28/00 Reading Programs Receive Over $250,000 from AG Curran
06/20/00 Curran To Consumers: Be Wary of New "Buying Club" Scam Utilizing Clever Mailings
06/14/00 Owner of Brick-Cleaning Company Sentenced to 2 Weeks in Jail on Water Pollution Charges
06/14/00 Bus Driver Pleads Guilty to Stealing Hundreds of Bus Passes in Black Market Scheme
06/13/00 Curran Obtains Injunction Against Prince George's Investment Company
06/13/00 In Response to Supreme Court HMO Ruling, Curran Reminds Marylanders That His Office Can Assist
06/12/00 Attorney General Curran, First Lady Speak Today in Support of Violence Against Women Act
06/06/00 Philip Morris to Pull Magazine Ads With Significant Youth Readership
06/05/00 "Lieutenant" in Multi-County Check Counterfeiting Ring Sentenced to Prison
06/05/00 Attorney General Curran Announces Settlement in Toilet Paper Price-Fixing Case
06/01/00 Attorney General Curran Announces Crackdown on Hottest Investment Scam: Promissory Note Fraud
05/23/00 Curran and Schaefer Announce New Consumer Partnership
05/22/00 Former MTA Bus Driver Sentenced in Counterfeit Check Ring
05/22/00 Curran and Schaefer Team Up for Consumers
05/22/00 Former Social Services Employee Pleads Guilty in Bogus Foster Care Case
05/19/00 Former Baltimore County Man Guilty of Theft and Insurance Fraud
05/19/00 Curran Announces Appointment
05/15/00 Bus Driver Convicted of Stealing Bus Passes in Black Market Scheme
05/11/00 Curran and Family to Travel by Bus to D.C. for Million Mom March
05/11/00 Riverview Nursing Centre Pleads Guilty to Medicaid Fraud
05/10/00 Curran Orders Aloe Company to Stop "Miracle Cure" Claims and to Pay Restitution and $3.7 Million in Civil Penalties
05/09/00 Frederick Co. Company Pleads Guilty in Water Pollution Case
05/09/00 O.C. Disc Jockey Pleads Guilty to Failing to File Taxes
05/04/00 Curran to Present Survivors at Fallen Heroes Day Ceremony
05/04/00 The Criminal Justice System Responds to Domestic Violence Abusers
05/04/00 Curran Talks to Students About Law at Northwestern High School
04/28/00 Curran Response to Filing in Microsoft Case
04/28/00 Curran Condemns Gun Industry Suit
04/25/00 Watch Out for Hidden Fees in Credit Card Offers, Attorney General Says
04/25/00 Multi-Level Marketing Company, Equinox, Settles With Maryland, FTC, Seven Other States
04/14/00 Stock Swindlers Sentenced
04/14/00 Curran Charges Prince George's County Mirror Company with Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices
04/07/00 Attorney General Warns About Possible Con Artist Offering to Locate Unclaimed Property
04/07/00 Montgomery County Doctor Indicted for Medicaid Fraud and Tax Perjury
04/05/00 Curran Orders Credit Repair Company to Cease Illegal Credit Repair Practices
04/05/00 Multi-State Sweepstakes Settlement Nets U.S. Consumers $30 Million
03/30/00 Curran Announces Maryland Among States With Antitrust Investigations of Gun Industry
03/27/00 Attorney General Among State and Federal Officials Announcing Million Mom March
03/24/00 Anne Arundel Man Fined $10,000 for Illegal Burning
03/24/00 Bus Driver Pleads Guilty to Stealing Hundreds of Bus Passes in Black Market Scheme
03/22/00 Don't Fall for Pyramid Schemes, Attorney General Advises
03/22/00 Curran Speaks at HUD Presser on Safe Gun Coalition
03/21/00 Husband/Wife Kingpins of Massive Check Counterfeiting Ring Convicted
03/20/00 Former Podiatrist Sentenced in Fraud Scheme
03/13/00 Attorney General to Testify at Hearing of Bills that Would Protect Vulnerable Adults
03/06/00 Attorney General Cracks Down on Business Opportunity Scams
03/01/00 Attorney General Calls for Public Action in Response to School Shooting
02/29/00 Attorney General Provides List of Flood-Damaged Cars from N.C.
02/24/00 Attorney General Announces Prosecution in Brooklyn Park Spill
02/24/00 Attorney General Alerts Marylanders of Recent Credit Card Scam
02/18/00 Former Nursing Assistant Sentenced for Slapping Elderly Client
02/18/00 Attorney General Announces Free Repairs to Water Heaters Through Settlement
02/16/00 Attorney General Goes Back to School as Part of National Consumer Protection Week
02/16/00 Attorney General's Transportation Probe Nets Ambo Owner Five Years in Jail
02/15/00 Bankrupt Baltimore Dry Cleaner to Give Customers Four-Hour Window to Retrieve Clothing
02/15/00 Lake Clifton Student Shadows AG
02/10/00 Attorney General Warns Consumers to Watch Out for Cons and Bad Deals When Cyber-Shopping
02/09/00 Coin Dealers Plead Guilty to Charges in Multi-Million Dollar Fraud and Conspiracy
02/07/00 Curran Moves to Shut Down Alleged Ponzi Scheme
01/28/00 Anne Arundel County Travel Agency Fined in Vacation Scam
01/24/00 Baltimore County Man Sentenced in Insurance Fraud Case
01/21/00 Pasadena Woman Convicted in Life Insurance Scam After Husband's Death
01/12/00 Former State Employee Gets Prison Sentence
01/10/00 Four-Year-Long Probe of Company Nets Maryland Over $200,000
01/07/00 Charles County Man Indicted for Medicaid Fraud, Making False Statements and Theft
01/07/00 Carroll County Contractor Sentenced to Jail Time in Pollution Case



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