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People's Insurance Counsel Division Brochures

The People’s Insurance Counsel created the following publications to help consumers learn about various topics that are relevant to homeowner insurance customers. Please check back frequently for additional brochures and thank you for visiting the PICD website.

  • "People’s Insurance Counsel Division" provides information about the People’s Insurance Counsel Division of the Maryland Office of the Attorney General, including what we do, and general tips for consumers who have homeowner’s insurance. Click for Printer Friendly(pdf)    Text
  • "After The Damage – Who Should Remove The Water?" provides information about businesses that remove water from homes damaged by fire or water.  It also offers step-by-step instructions on how to best utilize them following damage to your home. Click for Printer Friendly(pdf)    Text
  • "What Homeowners Need To Know About Underwriting Guidelines" explains the factors that insurance companies consider when deciding whether to insure a new customer or renew an existing customer. Click for Printer Friendly(pdf)    Text

The Maryland Insurance Administration also provides many brochures that are designed to educate consumers on their rights and responsibilities with regard to homeowner’s insurance:

List of Homeowner Insurance Brochures

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