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99 Opinions of the Attorney General (2014)
Opinion No. Summary


Applicability of the Federal Prison Rape Elimination
Act to Local Jails - Whether Local Jails Are
Under the "Operational Control" of The State’s
Executive Branch


Alcoholic Beverages

Liquor Boards - Worcester County Department of
Liquor Control Qualifies as a Wholesaler Under
Anti-Price-Discrimination Provisions When it
Purchases Alcohol for Re-Sale to Retailers


Public Safety

Authority of Law Enforcement Officials to Escort Motorcycle Charity Rides Outside of Their Jurisdiction - Constitutionality of Requirement that Organizers of Special Events on Public Roads Obtain Insurance to Cover Losses to The Government and the Public


Public Schools - Desegregation - Meaning of State
Board of Education Regulation Requiring Plans
to Attain “Racial Balance” between School
Faculty and Staff and the Surrounding Population


Office of Profit
Labor Law - Status of Labor Relations
Administrators for Purposes of the Article 35
Prohibition on Dual Office-Holding


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