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97 Opinions of the Attorney General (2012)
Opinion No. Summary
97 OAG 3

Statutory Construction

Vehicle Laws - Legislative History - Statute barring the solicitation of a "ride, employment, or business" from roadway not intended to encompass charitable solicitation

97 OAG 19


Public Housing Authorities - Out-of-state Entities - Administration of Federal Section 8 Program

97 OAG 32

Voting Systems

Statutory Construction - Statute requiring certification of voting systems does not apply to absentee-ballot-marking wizard that is not connected to, or a component of, the voting system

97 OAG 58

Public Officers and Employees

Elected Officials - Removal from Office - Delegate's Conviction and Waiver of Appeal Rights Triggers Automatic Removal Under Article XV, sec. 2 of the Maryland Constitution Despite Circuit Court's Subsequent Revision of Sentence to Probation Before Judgment

97 OAG 72 Clerks of Court

Marriage Licenses - Issuance of Marriage Licenses to Same-Sex Couples After Approval of the Civil Marriage Protection Act
97 OAG 95

Public Information Act

Personal E-Mail Addresses - Not Categorically Exempt From Disclosure, but Custodian May Reasonably Petition for a sec 10-619 Court Order Allowing the Withholding of E-Mail Addresses that Do Not Shed Light on Government Activities


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