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96 Opinions of the Attorney General (2011)
Opinion No. Summary
96 OAG 3

Workers Compensation - Injured Workers' Insurance Fund - Whether the State has an Interest in the Reserves, Surplus, and Other Assets of the Injured Workers' Insurance Fund

96 OAG 17

Housing - Constitutional Law -  Separation of Powers - Federal Preemption - Whether “Local Approval” Requirement Implemented By Department of Housing and Community Development Violates Separation of Powers Principle of State Constitution or Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit Law

96 OAG 31

Forfeiture - Controlled Dangerous Substances - Filing and Completion of Criminal Case Not a Condition for Forfeiting Money Related to Violation of Controlled Dangerous Substances Laws

96 OAG 36

Counties - Code Home Rule Counties - Elections - Article XVII of Maryland Constitution does not bar special election to fill initial vacancies for new county commissioner positions in a code home rule county, but commissioners may call such an election only if authorized by the General Assembly

96 OAG 51

Commission on Indian Affairs - Recognition of Maryland Indian Status - Revised Petition for Recognition may be considered By the Commission

96 OAG 61

Local Government - Environment - Taxation - Whether Municipality May Use Revenues From “System of Charges” for Stormwater Management Programs to Construct and Maintain Curbs - Whether Those Charges May Be Assessed Against Tax-Exempt Entities

96 OAG 76

State's Attorneys' Coordinator - Torts - Immunity - Whether State's Attorneys' Coordinator Has Statutory and Common Law Immunity When Appointed A Special Assistant State's Attorney

96 OAG 84

Education - Community Colleges - Whether Statute Authorizes County Auditor to Conduct a Performance Audit of a Community College

96 OAG 93

Counties - Whether Repeal of Statutory Provisions Allowing Citizens to Appeal County Bridge Work Decisions Would Effect a Substantive Change in the Law

96 OAG 110

Public Utilities - Counties - Charter Home Rule Counties - Whether Montgomery County has Authority to Create a
Publicly Controlled Electric Company

96 OAG 128

Criminal Law - Vehicular Manslaughter - Comparison of “Gross Negligence” that is an Element of Violation of Offense Defined in Criminal Law Article Sec. 2-209 with “Criminal Negligence” that is an Element of the Offense Defined in Criminal Law Article Sec. 2-210

96 OAG 139

Counties - Code Home Rule Counties - Authority of Counties to Enact local laws under Article 25, Sec. 232, Concerning Fishing and Seafood Operations - Whether Kent County may Enforce Local “Right to Fish” Law


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