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95 Opinions of the Attorney General (2010)
Opinion No. Summary
95 OAG 3 Family Law - Marriage - Whether Out-of-State Same-Sex Marriage That is Valid in the State of Celebration May Be Recognized In Maryland
95 OAG 56 Taxation - Corporate Income Tax - Whether Federal Stimulus Grant Received By a Public Utility Would Be Subject to Maryland Income Tax
95 OAG 62 Corporations - Compensation - Whether Executive Compensation May Constitute a “Waste” of Corporate Assets and How Such Compensation May Be Regulated
95 OAG 84 Natural Resources - State Endangered Species Act - Responsibilities of the Department of Natural Resources, the Public Service Commission, and Other Agencies Under the Endangered Species Act
95 OAG 95 Counties - Elections - Charter Home Rule Counties - Commissioner Counties - Fewer Elections Amendment - Application of Fewer Amendment to Cecil County Governing Body if County Adopts Charter Home Rule
95 OAG 101 Firearms - - regulated firearms - assault weapons - whether a weapon is a “copy” of a designated assault weapon and therefore subject to the regulated firearms law.
95 OAG 110 Election Law - - Campaign Finance - In-Kind Contribution - Constitutional Law - Freedom of Speech
95 OAG 123 Courts and Judges - - Criminal Procedure - Fees - Costs - Assessment of “Costs of prosecution” for which a Convicted Defendant is Liable
95 OAG 138 Health Occupations - Physical Therapists - Acupuncturists - Physical Therapy Board Has Authority to Determine by Regulation Whether “Dry Needling” is Within the Scope of Practice of Physical Therapy
95 OAG 152 Open Meetings Law - - Public Schools - Application of St. Mary's Open Meetings Act and Other Open Meetings Laws to the St. Mary's County Board of Education
95 OAG 164 Alcoholic Beverages - Liquor Boards - Wicomico County Board of License Commissioners Does Not Have Regulatory or Enforcement Authority Over Wicomico County Liquor Control Board
95 OAG 177 Elections - First Amendment - Gaming - Slot Machines - Whether State Lottery Commission May Limit Licensee's Participation in Referendum Related to Another Potential Licensee
95 OAG 191 Education - Public Schools - Charter Home Rule Counties - Juvenile Causes - County Lacks Authority to Enact a Local Law Providing For Arrest and Detention of Child for Truancy
95 OAG 198 Highways - Budgetary Administration - Political Subdivisions - Allocation of Highway User Revenues to Special Taxing Districts
95 OAG 209 Orphans' Court - Elections - Public Officers and Employees - Commission Should Not Be Issued to Candidate Recently Elected to Orphans' Court for Baltimore City Because Candidate Lacks a Continuing Qualification for That Office That Was Contained in a Constitutional Amendment Ratified By the Voters at the Same Election


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