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94 Opinions of the Attorney General (2009)
Opinion No. Summary
94 OAG 3 Health - Mental Health - Health Insurance - Impact on Maryland Law of the Paul Wellstone and Peter Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 (“Parity Act”)
94 OAG 20 Maryland Health Care Commission - Fees - Effective Date of Legislation Creating New Allocation Method for Commission Fees
94 OAG 32 Gaming - Whether "Instant Racing" is Pari-Mutuel Betting Authorized by the Maryland Horse Racing Act
94 OAG 44 State's Attorneys - Medical Records - Process by Which a State’s Attorney May Obtain Medical Records for Criminal Investigation or Prosecution in Compliance with Laws Protecting Confidentiality of Health Information
94 OAG 81 Sheriffs - Constitutional Law - Free Exercise Clause - Whether Deputy Sheriffs May Require Individuals Entering a Courthouse to Remove Religious Face Covering for Security Purposes
94 OAG 88 Agriculture - Public Ethics Law - Interpretation of Special Exception to Secondary Employment and Financial Interest Restrictions of Public Ethics Law for Farmers Employed by Department of Agriculture
94 OAG 97 State Department of Education - Personnel - Public Schools - Whether the Department May Enter Into “Loaned Educator” Contracts with Local School Systems Under Which Local School Personnel Work at the Department
94 OAG 111 Elections - Referenda - Whether County’s Failure to Comply Fully with Pre-Election Notice Requirements Affects Election Results Concerning Two PROPOSED Charter Amendments
94 OAG 119 Mass Transit Administration - Whether Appointing Authority May Name "Alternate" Members for Red Line Advisory Council
94 OAG 125 General Assembly - Constitutional Law - Redistricting - Use of Total Residents Numbers for Purposes of State Legislative Redistricting
94 OAG 134 State Ethics Commission - Liquor Control Boards - Whether Liquor Control Boards are Subject to State or County Ethics Laws
94 OAG 151 Elections - Voting - Whether Inactive Voters Should Be Included in the Count of “Registered Voters” to Determine the Number of Early Voting Centers
94 OAG 161 Code Revision - Open Meetings Act - Whether Certain Open Meetings Statutes May Be Repealed as Part of Code Revision Without Changing Substantive Law, in Light of the Later Enactment of the Open Meetings Act
94 OAG 177 Education - Public Schools - Counties - Maintenance of Effort Requirement


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