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93 Opinions of the Attorney General (2008)
Opinion No. Summary
93 OAG 3 Budgetary Administration - State Police - Aviation - Emergency Medical Services - Allocation of Costs of State Police Aviation Command to Maryland Emergency Medical System Operations Fund
93 OAG 12 Federal Enclaves - Taxation - Property Tax - Impact Fees - Whether Private Interests n Real Property in an Enclave of Exclusive Federal Jurisdiction Are Subject to State and Local Property Taxes and Impact Fees
93 OAG 31 Constitutional Law - Vehicle Laws - Preemption - Freedom of Speech - Gaithersburg Ordinance Prohibiting Solicitation for Certain Purposes in or near Roadway Is Preempted in Part by Maryland Vehicle Law While Remainder of Ordinance Is Unconstitutional under First Amendment
93 OAG 47 Alcoholic Beverages - Flavored Malt Beverages Fall Within the Category of “Distilled Spirits” for Purposes of Taxation and Licensing
93 OAG 59

Health Occupations - Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators - Public Officers and Employees - Interpretation of Term-Limit Provision Restricting Board Member to No More Than "2 Consecutive Full Terms"

93 OAG 68 Courts - Judicial Administration - Immunity - Court-Appointed Settlement Officers Have Official Immunity
93 OAG 81 Retirement Systems - Obligation of Retirement Agency to Audit Financial Assistance to Local Educational Agencies Related to Retirement Contributions
93 OAG 92 Corrections - Interstate Compacts - Whether Local Government May Enter an Agreement with Out-of-State Jurisdiction to Transfer Inmates in Emergency Circumstances
93 OAG 103 Counties - Commissioner Counties - Zoning and Planning - Public Roads - Public Roads Subtitle of Article 25 Not Repealed by Enactment of Article 66B
93 OAG 114 Counties - Public Schools - School Construction - Use of Reserve Fund in County Budget for Public School Construction
93 OAG 126 Firearms - Preemption - Baltimore City - Local Ordinance that Requires Gun Owner to Report Theft or Loss of Gun Not Preempted by State Law
93 OAG 138 Public Defender - Criminal Procedure - Public Information Act - Whether a State’s Attorney or Other State Agency May Charge a Fee to the Public Defender for Providing Discovery or Other Materials in Connection with a Criminal Case
93 OAG 149 Tobacco Regulation - Baltimore City - Whether Baltimore City Health Code Regulation Concerning Sales of Cheap Cigars is Preempted by State Law
93 OAG 154 Civil Rights and Discrimination - Code Revision - Whether 1964 Statute Prohibiting Receipt of Remuneration for Participation in a “Racial Demonstration” is Constitutional
93 OAG 168 Retirement Systems - Whether Law Requiring Retirement System to Divest Interests in Companies Doing Business in Iran or Sudan May Be Implemented Consistent with Board of Trustees’ Fiduciary Duties


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