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92 Opinions of the Attorney General (2007)
Opinion No. Summary
92 OAG 3 Environment - Fees - Real Property - Whether Unpaid Bay Restoration Fee Constitutes a Lien on Real Property
92 OAG 12 Public Ethics Law - Public Information Act - Municipalities - Bowie Public Ethics Ordinance is Consistent with State Public Ethics Law - Exemptions From Disclosure in Ordinance are Consistent with Public Information Act
92 OAG 26 Arrest - Criminal Records - Public Information Act - Mug Shot in Possession of Police Department is Not “Criminal History Record Information” But Should Be Treated as Investigatory Record Subject to Inspection Under the Public Information Act
92 OAG 51 Criminal Procedure - Transportation Authority - Executive Order - Transportation Authority Police May Patrol MARC Railroad Trains and Stations
92 OAG 58 Criminal Procedure - Parole and Probation - Authority of the Parole Commission to Restrict an Offender’s Contact with the Offender’s Own Child
92 OAG 65 Procurement - Whether State Agencies May Use the “Construction Manager at Risk” Project Delivery Method Under the State Procurement Law
92 OAG 80 Elections - Ballots - Voting - Absentee Ballot Oath Should Be Modified to Incorporate Conditions for Use of Absentee Ballot By Tracking Constitutional Language
92 OAG 92 Elections - Campaign Finance - Whether Campaign Finance Entity May Make Unlimited Contribution to a Political Party by Designating it for Ongoing Administrative Expenses
92 OAG 107 Health - Medical Records - Application of Maryland Medical Records Confidentiality Act to a Possible Statewide Health Information Exchange Mechanism
92 OAG 117 Education - Public Schools - General Assembly May Raise the Age for Compulsory School Attendance in Prince George’s County from 16 to 18
92 OAG 120 Courts and Judges - District Court - Criminal Procedures - District Court Judge Has Discretion Whether or not to Grant Stay of Sentence of Imprisonment Pending Appeal
92 OAG 127 Municipalities - Fees - Whether Connection Fees May Be Used for Operating Costs of Municipal Water and Sewerage Treatment Facilities
92 OAG 137 Public Schools - Education - Public Information Act - Access of County Auditor to Student Records as Part of Audit and Under the Public Information Act
92 OAG 148 Housing - Condominiums - Freedom of Religion - Preemption Proposed Baltimore City Ordinance Concerning Reasonable Accommodation of Religious Practices Not Preempted by State or Federal Law
92 OAG 154 Colleges and Universities - Community Colleges - Procurement - Whether State Living Wage Law Applies to Community Colleges
92 OAG 160 Public Ethics Law - Ethics Commission - Financial Disclosure Statements - Role of Ethics Commission in Identifying Individuals Required to File Statements and in Reviewing Filings
92 OAG 171 Attorneys - Attorney Grievance Commission - Attorney Trust Accounts - Financial Institutions - Whether Financial Institution Must Have a Branch in Maryland or a Neighboring Jurisdiction in Order to Handle Trust Accounts of Maryland Lawyers
92 OAG 180 Colleges and Universities - Maryland Higher Education Commission - Judicial Review - Litigation Between State Entities


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