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91 Opinions of the Attorney General (2006)
Opinion No. Summary
91 OAG 3 Mental Health - Health Care Decisions Act - Circumstances Under Which Mental Health Facility May Accept an Individual for Voluntary Admission at the Request of the Individual’s Health Care Agent
91 OAG 14 Municipalities - Taxation - Municipality Lacks Authority to Impose “Street Utility Fee” Without Enabling Legislation From the General Assembly
91 OAG 24 Budgetary Administration - Transfer of Moneys Between Two Special Funds Administered by the Maryland Energy Administration
91 OAG 33 Education - Public Schools - Authority of Local Board to Enter Into Transaction Involving Long Term Lease of School Property for Commercial Use
91 OAG 43 Condominiums - Conversion Notice Must Include Purchase Offer with Special Price for Tenant’s Unit
91 OAG 49 Physicians - Application of the Law Prohibiting Physician Self-Referral with Respect to MRI Scan
91 OAG 55 Corrections - Maryland Correctional Enterprises - Sale of Prison-Made Goods to Inmates at Prison Commissary
91 OAG 64 Gambling - Poker - Poker Tournament That Awards Prizes Constitutes Gambling if Players Pay Consideration, Either Directly or Indirectly, to Participate
91 OAG 68 Firearms - Disqualification Under Maryland Law Based on Misdemeanor Conviction
91 OAG 81 Child Custody and Support - Vehicle Laws - Licensing - Extent of Authority to Suspend Driver’s License for Failure to Pay Child Support
91 OAG 92 Education - Community Colleges - Whether Board of Trustees Has Discretion to Offer In-County Tuition Rates Absent Authorization From the General Assembly
91 OAG 99 Attorney General - Interpretation of Eligibility Requirement That Candidate Has “Practiced Law in This State for at Least Ten Years”
91 OAG 118 Constitutional Law - Establishment Clause - Budgetary Administration - State Funds May Be Expended for Transportation Services in Connection with Convention of Religious Organization in Baltimore City
91 OAG 132 Education -- Public Schools - Eligibility of Current Members of Appointed Board of Education to Run for Elective Position on Board
91 OAG 135 Criminal Procedure - DNA Data Base - Interpretation of Statute that Authorizes DNA Sampling of Inmates Who Have Been Previously Convicted of Qualifying Offenses
91 OAG 145 Education - Public Schools - Whether County Board of Education is Required to Submit to an Audit By County Inspector General
91 OAG 152 Local Government - Environment - Taxation - Nature of the “System of Charges” That a County or Municipality May Impose to Support Stormwater Management Programs
91 OAG 164 Education - Public Schools - Application of Local Zoning Regulations to Charter Schools
91OAG174 Alcoholic Beverages - Licenses - Holder of Nonresident Dealer Permit May Not Have an Interest in a Licensed Wholesaler
91OAG181 Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission - Procurement - Minority Business Enterprises - WSSC May Not Continue MBE Program Following Expiration of Statutes Authorizing the Program
91OAG201 Public Defender - Torts - Immunity - Whether Attorneys Who Accept Referrals of Indigent Clients from the Public Defender for Pro Bono Representation are Covered By the Maryland Tort Claims Act
91OAG208 Budgetary Administration - State’s Attorneys - Victims - Administration of the Victim and Witness Protection and Relocation Program
91OAG219 Retirement Systems - Transfer From Noncontributory to Contributory Plan - Interest Rate to Apply in Calculating Benefit Reduction
91 OAG 232 Condominiums - Interpretation of Statutory Requirement That Developer Who Converts Rental Property to Condominium Must Provide Extended Leases to Current Tenants Who Are Elderly or Disabled
91 OAG 239 Alcoholic Beverages - Licenses - Whether a De Minimis Interest in the Holder of a Nonresident Dealer Permit Disqualifies a Person from Owning a Licensed Wholesaler


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