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90 Opinions of the Attorney General (2005)
Opinion No. Summary
90 OAG 3 Health – Organ Donation – Guardianships with Respect to Decision Whether to Donate a Decedent’s Organ or Tissues, a Guardian Has Priority over a Parent Whose Parental Rights Have Been Terminated
90 OAG 6 Parole and Probation – Parole Commission May Consider an Alleged Violation of Parole Related to Pending Criminal Charges or to Criminal Charges That Have Not Resulted in a Finding of Guilt
90 OAG 17 Open Meetings Act – Public Schools – County Boards of Education – Hearing Conducted by Local Board under Ed §4-205(c) is a Quasi-judicial Function to Which the Open Meetings Act Does Not Apply
90 OAG 24
Counties - St. Mary’s County Not a Municipal Corporation for Purposes of Article XI-E of the State Constitution
90 OAG 29

Health Maintenance Organizations - Health Insurance - Physicians - Assessment of HMO Member By Physician for Malpractice Surcharge Violates HMO Law Prohibition Against Balance Billing

90 OAG 35 Condominiums - Right of Residential Unit Owners to Terminate Contracts Entered Into By Developer on Behalf of Condominium
90 OAG 45 Public Information Act - Medical Records - Emergency Medical Services - Medical Information About an Individual That Appears in Ambulance Dispatch Record May Not be Disclosed in Response to PIA Request Even Though Record is Not a "Medical Record"
90 OAG 60 Environment - Public Utilities - Sanitary Districts - Smart Growth Law - Obligation of Sanitary Commission to Provide Sewer Connection When State Funding is Limited by Smart Growth Law

90 OAG 74 Public Ethics Law - Lobbying - Election Law - Parties - Whether Political Party May Be Required to Register as Lobbyist Under Public Ethics Law
90 OAG 92 Law Enforcement Officers - Arrest - Criminal Law - Whether Maryland Law Grants NSA Police Law Enforcement Powers

90 OAG 101 Attorneys - Unauthorized Practice of Law - Lay Person’s Completion of Standard Computer-Generated Loan Forms with Factual Information not Unauthorized Practice of Law
90 OAG 109 Health Occupations - Morticians - Limited Liability Companies - Mortician’s License May Not Be Transferred to Limited Liability Company
90 OAG 117 Health Occupations - Malpractice Insurance - Interpretation of Statute Creating Temporary State Subsidy for Malpractice Insurance Premiums
90 OAG 133 Elections - Registration - Constitutionality of Voter List Maintenance Procedures Under Federal and State Law
90 OAG 145 Estates and Trusts - Orphans' Court - Orphans' Court Review Required When Estate Funds Are Used to Pay Attorney's Fees
90 OAG 153 Civil Rights and Discrimination - Race - Higher Education - Standards for Measuring the State's Success in Dismantling the Past System of De Jure Segregation in Public Higher Education
90 OAG 187 Elections - Campaign Finance - Whether Candidate May Serve as Chairman of Political Committee Other Than the Candidate’s Own Committee
90 OAG 195 Public Officers and Employees - Budgetary Administration - Status of Retiree Health Care Benefits in Light of the Government Accounting Standards Board Statement 45


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