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89 Opinions of the Attorney General (2004)
Opinion No. Summary
89 OAG 3 Landlord and Tenant - Diplomatic Immunity - Whether Live-in Domestic Employee Has Tenancy Rights That May Be Enforced Against Foreign Diplomat
89 OAG 10
Physicians - Application of Law Prohibiting Self-Referrals to Orthopedic Practice Groups
89 OAG 18

Community Colleges - Public Officers and Employees - Members of Board of Trustees of Chesapeake College "Hold Over" After Expiration of Term Until a Successor is Appointed and Qualifies

89 OAG 22 Counties - St. Mary's County - Open Meetings Act - Pre-Application Meeting Under County Zoning Ordinance is not a "Public Agency Meeting" at Which Official Action is Taken Triggering Public Notice Requirement
89 OAG 31

Child Abuse and Neglect - Public Information Act - Restrictions on Content and Dissemination of Reports of Independent Juvenile Justice Monitor

89 OAG 48 Commissioner Counties - Animals - Calvert County Commissioners May Not Enact Ordinance That Sets Standards for Humane Treatment of Dogs Absent Enabling Legislation by General Assembly
89 OAG 53 Health Maintenance Organizations - Health Insurance - Emergency Medical Services - HMO Law Forbids Balance Billing of HMO Members for Emergency Ambulance Services
89 OAG 60 Motor Vehicle Administration - International Treaties - Authentication of Public Records - Significance of Apostille on Copy of Foreign Birth Certificate
89 OAG 66 Sheriffs - Vehicle Laws - Appointment of Municipal Police Officers as Special Deputy Sheriffs
89 OAG 76 Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission - Counties - Mode of Approval of Police Mutual Aid Agreements
89 OAG 81

Guardianships - Medical Records - Application of Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) to Medical Certifications in Guardianship Proceedings

89 OAG 98 Education - Public Schools - Budgetary Administration - Whether Retroactive Adjustment May Be Made to Computation of Basic Current Expense Aid
89 OAG 107 Counties - Municipalities - Special Taxing Areas - County May Establish Special Taxing Areas to Finance Improvements to County Roads Within A Municipality
89OAG115 Child Support Enforcement - Budgetary Administration - Obligation of Child Support Enforcement Administration to Provide Support Staff for Attorneys in Baltimore City State's Attorney's Office
89OAG123 Workers' Compensation - Interpretation of Requirement that Insurer Have "Competent Individuals" in the State to Handle and Adjust Disputed Claims
89OAG135 Zoning and Planning - Counties - Municipalities - Effect of Municipal Annexation on Open Space Easements Granted to County Before Annexation
89OAG144 Taxation - Corporations - Income Tax - Corporation that Participates in Statutory Settlement of Tax Liability Related to Payments to Tax-Haven Subsidiaries Must Elect One Method of Tax Computation for Entire Settlement Period With Respect to Each Subsidiary
89OAG153 Assessment and Taxation - Authority of Property Tax Assessment Appeal Board to Obtain Review of Assessments
89OAG158 Law Enforcement Officers - Authority of Municipal Police Officers Under a Mutual Aid Agreement to Operate Sobriety Checkpoint in a Participating Municipality
89OAG166 Elections - Registration - Circumstances Under Which Part-Time Residents of County May Register to Vote in That County
89OAG172 Budgetary Administration - Unemployment - Insurance - Appropriate Use of Funds in the Speical Administrative Expense Fund
89OAG189 Criminal Procedure - Arrest - DNA Base Match May Be Used to Establish Probable Cause for Arrest


Animals - Counties - Preemption - County Ordinance Restricting Trapping of Animals is Preempted in Party by State Law
89OAG205 Procurement - Architectural and Engineering Services - General Professional Services Selection Board May Consider Price Proposal from One Competing Firm at a Time
89OAG212 Municipalities - Impact Fees - Whether Impact Fees May Be Used To Defray Cost of Police and Fire Protection Services
89OAG222 Economic Development - Planning - State Agencies - Whether Statutory Provisions Concerning Dissolution of Regional Development Agencies Should Be Repealed as Part of Code Revision Process


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