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2003 Opinions Index
Opinion No. Summary
88 OAG 3 Environment - Budgetary Administration - Federal Grants - Disposition of Interest Earned by State Contributions to Special Revolving Loan Funds
88 OAG 11 Insurance - Health - Statutes - Retroactivity - Constitutional Law - Contract Clause - Due Process - Application of Recent Legislation to Pending Acquisition of Nonprofit Health Service Plan
88 OAG 25 Racing - Budgetary Administration - Delegation and Subdelegation - Maryland Racing Commission May Delegate Ministerial Duties Related to Administration of Bred Funds
88 OAG 37 Military Service - Public Officers and Employees - Military Leave - State and Local Employees Called to Active Duty with the National Guard Are Entitled to Full Civilian Pay Without Deduction of Military Pay
88 OAG 44 Health - Insurance - Effect of 2001 Amendment of HMO Law on Law's Balance Billing Prohibition and Ability of HMO Members to Enter Into Private Contracts with Providers
88 OAG 54 Bonds – Constitutional Law – Establishment Clause – Availability of Conduit Financing to Religiously-Affiliated Schools
88 OAG 72 Board of Public Works – Governor – Pardons – Compensation of Erroneously Incarcerated Individual – Governor May Issue Pardon Even if Court has Previously Overturned Individual's Conviction
88 OAG 76 Municipalities – Budgetary Administration – Appropriations – Application of a Supermajority Requirement in the Public General Law Concerning Municipal Finance
88 OAG 88 Health Local Health Officers and Departments Emergency Medical Services Physicians Drugs Legal Restrictions Relating to Proposed Naloxone Distribution program
88 OAG 103 Municipalities – Town May Authorize Municipal Utility to Provide Telecommunications Services Beyond Municipal Limits
88 OAG 115

Legislative Auditor - State Ethics Commission - Authority of Legislative Auditor to Examine Financial Disclosure Statements

88 OAG 120 Public Safety - Emergency Medical Services - Communicable Diseases - Workers' Compensation - Compensation Available to Public Safety Personnel Who Undergo Voluntary Smallpox Vaccination
88 OAG 136 Governor - Appointments - Alcoholic Beverages - Liquor Boards - Recess Appointees to the Baltimore City Liquor Board are Subject to Senate Confirmation
88 OAG 139 Vehicle Laws - Licensing - Immigration Related Documents May Be Used as Proof of Identity of Applicant for Driver's License; Lawful Residence in the United States Not a Condition for Issuance of Driver's License
88 OAG 145 Zoning and Planning - Approval of Development Rights and Responsibilities Agreements
88 OAG 156 Municipalities - Town May Amend Charter to Allow for Legislation by Ballot Initiative
88 OAG 165 Constitutional Law - Establishment Clause - Budgetary Administration - Statutory and Constitutional Limitations on Faith-Based and Community-Based Initiatives
88 OAG 177 Constitutional Law – Courts and Judges – Medical Malpractice – Whether Legislature May Create Absolute Right to Change of Venue for Defendants in Medical Malpractice Actions
88 OAG 182 Evidence – Expert Testimony – Businesses and Professions – Whether Electrical Engineer May Testify as an Expert on Origin of a Fire
88 OAG 190 Environment – Statutory Requirements for Poster Informing Paint Purchasers About Lead Poisoning Hazards
88 OAG 196 Workers' Compensation – Businesses and Professions – Whether a Business that is not an Employer Must Have a Certificate of Compliance from the Workers' Compensation Commission in Order to Obtain a Business License or Permit
88 OAG 205 Medical Records - Confidentiality of Medical Records Under Maryland Law and the Federal health Insurance portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)


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