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2001 Opinions Index
Opinion No. Summary
86 OAG 3 Zoning and Planning - Department of Planning is Authorized by Statute to Intervene in Local Land Use Proceedings
86 OAG 8 Corrections - Parole Commission - Parole Eligibility of Inmates Serving Life Sentences
86 OAG 15 Health - Medicare - Maryland Short-Term Prescription Drug Subsidy Program
86 OAG 21 Alcoholic Beverages - Liquor Boards - Resolution of Potential Deadlock of Montgomery County Board
86 OAG 33 Constitutional Law - Search and Seizure - Vehicle Laws - Unannounced Warrantless Inspections Conducted at the Premises of Motor Carrier Pursuant to Statute are Constitutional
86 OAG 42 Landlord and Tenant - District Court - Jurisdiction and Procedure - Sheriffs - In Summary Ejectment Action Involving Apartment in Multi-Unit Building Sheriff Must Post Summons on Apartment Rather Than in Common Area
86 OAG 52 Counties - Taxation - Recordation and Transfer Taxes - Referenda - Absent Authority From General Assembly, County May Not Refund Tax Revenues Paid Under Emergency Tax Rejected By Referendum
86 OAG 59 Property - Assessments and Taxation - Truth in Taxation Act Does Not Affect Assessment Ratio Used to Compute Charge Imposed by Columbia Association
86 OAG 66 Alcoholic Beverages - Liquor Boards - Meaning of Term "Premises" in Alcoholic Beverages Law
86 OAG 72 Natural Resources- Forest Conservation Act - Local Government Projects Exempt From Act in Counties That Have Threshold Level of Forest Cover
86 OAG 86 Elections - Parties - Certain Minor Parties May Nominate Candidates By Convention
86 OAG 94 Law Enforcement Officers - Public Information Act - Open Meetings Act - Effect of State Law on Operation of Proposed Municipal Police Review and Advisory Board
86 OAG 120 Animals - Disabled Persons - Americans With Disabilities Act Preempts Special Identification Requirement for Service Animals in State White Cane Law - Meaning of "Professionally Trained" in State Law Authorizing Special Orange Tags for Guide Dogs
86 OAG 132 Racing - Internet - Internet Account Betting Service Must Comply with Maryland Telephone Betting Law to Accept Bets on Horse Races from Maryland Bettors
86 OAG 148 Criminal Procedure - Search and Seizure Computation of Statutory 15-Day Period for Execution of Search Warrant
86 OAG 153 Counties - Commissioner Counties - Bonds - Environment - Authority of Somerset County to Borrow Funds and Issue General Obligation Bonds for Capital Improvements to Landfill
86 OAG 157 Physician's Assistants - Physician - Physician May Not Designate "Alternate Supervising Physician" in a Delegation Agreement with Physician Assistant for Nonhospital Practice Setting
86 OAG 174 Comptroller - Income Tax - Sales and Use Tax- Field Enforcement Division Personnel May Exercise Peace Officer Powers Only to Extent Authorized by Statute
86 OAG 183 Criminal Law - Constitutional Law - Constitutional and Statutory Limits on Confinement of a Criminal Defendant for Failure to Pay Fine
86 OAG 193

Office of People's Counsel- Public Utilities - Sovereign Immunity - Limited Liability Companies - Office of People's Counsel May Participate in Independent System Operator ("ISO") as Ex Officio Member of ISO Organized as a Limited Liability Company

86 OAG 211 Workers' Compensation - Uninsured Employers Fund - Licenses - Comptroller - Comptroller May Suspend Dry Cleaners License for Failure to Make Required Payments to Uninsured Employers Fund
86 OAG 226

Corrections - Public Information Act - Disclosure of Projected Release of Inmate on Mandatory Release

86 OAG 237 Civil Rights and Discrimination - Age - Municipal Ordinance Regulating Dance Clubs May Prescribe Age Restrictions to Separate Minors from Adults
86 OAG 244 Constitutional Law - Establishment Clause - Freedom of Speech - Whether Public Library Reading Program May Distribute Coupon Containing Biblical Reference
86 OAG 253 Health Occupations - Pharmacists - Physicians - Antitrust - Collaborative Agreements Between Pharmacists and Physicians Relating to Drug Therapy
86 OAG 265 Criminal Law - Child Abuse and Neglect - Consensual Sexual Intercourse Between 16-Year-Old Stepchild and Stepparent Is Child Abuse
85 oag unpublished Health - Medicare - Maryland Short-Term Prescription Drug Subsidy Program


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