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2000 Opinions Index
Opinion No. Summary
85 OAG 3 Counties - Vehicle Laws - Motor Vehicle Administration - Insurance - Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund - Counties Not Required to Maintain PIP and UM Coverage on Their Vehicles
85 OAG 9 Housing - Maryland Housing Fund - Authority to Insure Refinancing of Loan for Affordable Housing
85 OAG 18 Elections - Reapportionment and Redistricting - General Assembly - Use of Adjusted Census Data
85 OAG 26 Elections - Campaign Finance - Funding of PACs by Payroll Deduction
85 OAG 38 Civil Rights and Discrimination - Race - Criminal Records - New Standards Mandating Self-Identification on Government Forms Seeking Information on Race and Ethnicity Do Not Apply to Certain Criminal Justice Forms
85 OAG 58 Workers’ Compensation - Injured Workers’ Insurance Fund - Health - Medical Records - Injured Workers’ Insurance Fund May Provide Claimant Medical Records to Self-Insured Employer for Which it Administers Claims
85 OAG 68 Public Contracts - Procurement - State Purchases of Residential and other Human, Social, Cultural, and Educational Services Generally Fit Definition of "Procurement Contract"
85 OAG 80 Social Services - Public Schools - Public Contracts - Statutory Exception to Confidentiality of Child Abuse and Neglect Records Related to Public School Employees Does Not Apply to Independent Contractors
85 OAG 87 Family Law - Domestic Violence - Full Faith and Credit - Criminal Enforcement of Out-of-State Protective Orders
85 OAG 114 Zoning and Planning - Counties - Domestic Violence - Baltimore City Zoning Regulations Do Not Apply to Domestic Violence Shelter Operated on State-Owned Property
85 OAG 120 Elections - Referenda - Counties - Sufficiency Determination Concerning a Referendum on a Public Local Law Enacted by the General Assembly is to be Made by State Officials
85 OAG 132 Insurance - Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund - Insurance Commissioner's Authority to Regulate MAIF Under the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act
85 OAG 167 Counties - Education Budgetary Administration - Appropriations - Conditions That County May Place on Budget of County Board of Education Limited by State Preemption of Education
85 OAG 177 Municipalities - Public Officers and Employees - State Anti-Hatch Act Does Not Preempt Provision in Municipal Charter That Prohibits Employment of Elected Officials
85 OAG 183 Elections Reapportionment and Redistricting - General Assembly - A district Intersected by Navigable Water Does Not Violate the Requirement of Contiguity
85 OAG 190 Stadium Authority Board of Public Works - General Assembly - Uncodified Language in Capital Budget Bill Validly Authorizes Stadium Authority to Perform Work for Other Agencies and Does Not Include Unconstitutional Legislative Veto
85 OAG 206 Vehicle Laws - Taxicab Drivers Not Required to Wear Seat Belts
85 OAG 218 Municipalities - Public Officers and Employees - Incompatible Positions Doctrine Bars Ocean City Police Officers From Serving on City Council
85 OAG 225 Wiretap and Electronic Surveillance - Law Enforcement Officers - Officer Who Inadvertently Makes Audio Recording in Connection With Authorized Videotaping Would Not Violate Wiretap Act
85 OAG 238 Health Occupations Physical Therapists - Owners of Physical Therapy Business Need Not Hold License So Long As Individuals Providing Services Are Licensed
85 OAG 249 Juvenile Causes - State Police - Motor Vehicle Laws - Confidentiality of Police Motor Vehicle Accident Reports That Name Juveniles
85 OAG 259 Criminal Laws - Firearms - Definition of "Crime of Violence" Under Firearms Law
85 OAG 265 Landlord and Tenant - Cooperative Housing - Eviction of Lessee From Cooperative Dwelling Unit Is Landlord-Tenant Proceeding
85 OAG 271 Counties - Health - Assisted Living Facilities - State Law Would Preempt Local Ordinance Requiring Emergency Power Sources for Assisted Living Facilities
85 OAG 284 Business and Professions - Maryland Small Business Development Financing Authority - Definition of "Economically Disadvantaged"
85 OAG 306 Insurance - Real Property - Obligation of Title Insurance Companies to Conduct Annual Review of Settlement Agents
85 OAG 318 Health - Life-Sustaining Procedures - Application of Health Care Decisions Act to Decisions About Tube Feeding
85 OAG 330 Health - Insurance - Balance Billing of Members of Health Maintenance Organizations Who Enter Into Private Contracts With Providers
85 OAG 338 Sheriffs - Code Home Rule Counties - Sheriff's Authority With Respect to Construction of New Detention Center and Training of Employees
85 OAG 348 Family Law - Adoption - Although Surrogacy Contract Involving Payment of Fee to Birth Mother is Illegal and Unenforceable Under Maryland Law, Invalid Payments Do Not Bar Approval of Adoption Petition
Assessments and Taxation - Personnel - Secretary of Budget and Management Must Follow Rational process to Determine Appropriate Pay Increment for Assessors Who Attain Professional Designation
Counties - Community Colleges - Harford County Remains Owner of Academic Building at HEAT Center Because Purported Conveyance to Harford Community College Was Not Effective
Physicians - Torts - Immunity - Volunteer Physician Not Required to Carry Liability Insurance to Qualify for Statutory Immunity
Gaming - Bingo - Charitable Organization Must Obtain Permit to Conduct Charitable Bingo Event in Calvert County
Tobacco Regulation - Counties - Municipalities - Local Ordinance Regulating Display of Tobacco Products Not Preempted By State or Federal Law


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