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1999 Opinions Index
Opinion No. Summary
Topical Index The Topical Index is in PDF format. You will need to return to this index to access hyperlinks to the Opinions.

Accountants - Licenses - Public Accountancy Law Permits Unlicensed Persons to Prepare Compilation and Review Reports subject to certain conditions
84OAG21 Alcoholic Beverages - Licenses - Interpretation of Term “Financial Interest” in Provision of Alcoholic Beverage Law That Prohibits Manufacturers and Wholesalers From Having Financial Interest in Retailers
84OAG33 Board of Public Works - Highway Administration - Smart Growth - County May Seek Exception From Smart Growth Funding Restrictions for Highway Projects That Are Not Grandfathered Outside Those Restrictions
84OAG50 Corrections - Criminal Law Sentencing - Computation of Good-Conduct Credits to Determine Mandatory release Date for Inmates
84OAG65 Counties - Public Schools - Maryland-National Capital Parks & Planning Commission - Zoning and Planning - County Must Refer Proposed Disposition of Surplus Public School to Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission Under Regional District Act
84OAG73 Courts and Judges - State’s Attorneys - State’s Attorney Appointed By Court to Prosecute Contempt Charge May Nolle Pros Charge Without Prior Court Approval
83OAG91 Courts and Judges - Military Service - Constitutional Law - Preemption - State code of judicial conduct not preempted by Federal Statute Establishing Employment Rights for Reservists

Criminal Law - Criminal Procedure - Statutory Construction Statute
Prohibiting Unlawful Taking of Motor Vehicle Does Not Supersede or Implicitly Repeal General Theft Statute

84OAG99 Elections - Election Boards and Judges - Power and Duties of Substitute Members of Local Election Boards

Family Law - Domestic Violence - Courts and Judges - Immunity - Torts - Use of Force to Return Child Kept in Violation of Custody Order


Gaming - Bingo - Electronic National Bingo Game May Not Be Operated Under Calvert County Commercial Bingo License if Operation of Game is Not Under Control of Licensee and if Game is Operated Outside of Calvert County


Health Services Cost Review Commission - Hospitals - Bonds - Maryland Hospital Bond Program Available for Bonds Issued By Maryland Industrial Development Financing Authority on Behalf of Closing Hospital


Motor Vehicle Administration - Licensing - Alcohol-Related
unpublished Offenses - Driver Who Has Refused Breath Test May Obtain Modification of License Suspension to Participate in MVA Ignition InterLock Program


Retirement Systems - Military Service - “Military Service Credit” Available for Summer Reserve Duty Performed Prior to State Employment


Sheriffs - Commissioner Counties - Sheriff remains appointing authority for sheriff’s employees subject to county classified service system


State Archives - Budgetary Administration - Revenues - Discretion of State Archivist to Determine Content and Format of Archives of Maryland Series


Taxation - Public Libraries - Counties - State and Certain Local Jurisdictions Have Power to Levy Special Tax or Create Benefit Assessment districts for the Benefit of Public Libraries

84OAG181 Taxation - Recordation and Transfer Taxes - Limited Liability Companies - Foreign Partnership That converts to Maryland Limited liability Company Eligible for Exemption From Recordation and Transfer Taxes


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