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1998 Opinions Index
Opinion No. Summary
Topical Index The Topical Index is in PDF format. You will need to return to this index to access hyperlinks to the Opinions.

83 OAG 3
Antitrust – Alcoholic Beverages – State Law Regulating Wholesale Pricing of Wine and Liquor Defensible Under Antitrust Laws and Twenty-First Amendment
83OAG27 Baltimore City – Elections – Authority to Conduct special Election to Fill City Council Vacancies
Charter Home Rule Counties – Taxation – Elections – Referenda
Unpublished Invalidity of Proposed Montgomery County Charter Amendment on Tax Increases
83OAG33 Child Custody and Support – Public Defender – Masters – Public Defender Required to Represent Indigents Before Masters in Contempt Proceedings if Incarceration Sought as Remedy
83OAG41 Commissioner Counties – Public Officers and Employees – County Commissioners May Not Effect an Increase in Their Own Per Diem Expense Allowance Unrelated to Actual Expenses
Constitutional Law – Freedom of Speech – Commercial Speech
Unpublished Prohibiting Advertising of Casino Gambling
83OAG53 Corrections – Procurement – Effect of Subsequent Law on Grants of Authority to the Division of Correction

Corrections – Statutes – Obsolescence of Article 27, §618

83OAG68 Corrections – Criminal Law – Scope of term "Correctional Facility" in Contraband Law
Counties – Business and Professions – Licenses – St. Mary's County Does Not Have Authority to Require Local Licenses for Plumbers
83OAG75 District Court – Judicial Administration – District Court Need Not Obtain Approval of Board of Public Works for Fee Schedule
Elections – Fair Election Practices Act – Counties – Public Ethics Law – Unpublished Preemption of County Ordinance Barring Political Contribution Solicitation by Quasi-Judicial Officials
83OAG80 Family Law – Domestic Violence – Courts and Judges – Use of Force to Return Child Kept in Violation of Custody Order
83OAG84 Financial Institutions – Credit Unions – Membership Restrictions
83OAG92 Gaming – Lotteries – Racing – Sweepstakes in Worcester County Based on Results of Horse Race Would Be Unlawful
83OAG100 General Assembly – Legislative Oversight and Investigations – Public Ethics Law – Jurisdiction Over Alleged Ethics Law Violations During Prior Term
83OAG109 Governor – Appointments – General Assembly – Former Senator Expelled for the Remainder of Term is Unqualified to Be Appointed to Fill Vacancy
83OAG114 Health – Rehabilitation Services – Health Services Cost Review Commission – State Funding for Uncompensated Care by Montebellow Center Following Consolidation With Kernan Hospital
83OAG121 Health – Mental Health – Law Enforcement Officers – Special Police Officers May Not Exercise Authority of "Peace Officers" under Emergency Evaluation Law
83OAG128 Health – Insurance – Balance Billing of Members of Health Maintenance Organizations
83OAG142 Health Occupations – Physicians – Application of Laws on Fee-Splitting Kickbacks, and Self-Referrals

Insurance – Health – Statutes – Statute Imposing Time Limits for "Retroactive Denials" of Reimbursement Claims Applies to All Denials on or After Statute's Effective Date


Local Health Officers and Departments – Budgetary Administration – Local Health Departments Must Report Classifications and Salaries of Their State Employees in State Budget
83OAG192 Public Information Act – Counties – Public Officers and Employees – Bonuses Paid to County Officers and Employees Are Disclosable Under the Public Information Act
83OAG196 Public Utilities – Municipalities – Counties – Political Subdivisions and State Agencies Required to Be Member of One-Call System Under "Miss Utility Law"

State Treasurer – Authority to Invest in Money Market Mutual Funds That Hold Commercial Paper


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