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1996 Opinions Index
Topical Index The topic index is in PDF format. You will need to return to this index to access hyperlinks to the Opinions.

Opinion Cite Summary
81 OAG 3 Alcoholic Beverages – Liquor Boards – Public Officials and Employees – Courts and Judges – Part-Time Domestic Relations Master Does Not Hold "Public Office or Employment" for Purposes of Employment Restriction Applicable to Baltimore City Liquor Board
81 OAG 13

Constitutional Law – Freedom of Speech and Association – Political Speech – Equal Protection – Law Barring Political Contributors From Becoming Casino Gaming Licensees is Constitutional


Corrections – Courts and Judges – Effect of Consecutive Sentences on Unpublished Judge's Authority to Commit Defendant to Local Detention Facility

81 OAG 20

Criminal Procedure – Law Enforcement Officers – Deputy Fire Marshal May Not Sign Citation

81 OAG 26

Education – Public Schools – Charter Home Rule Counties – Authority of County to Adopt School Performance Grant Program

81 OAG 37 Elections – Constitutional Law – Freedom of Speech – Political Speech – Prohibition of Electioneering Near a Polling Place
81 OAG 42 Employment Occupational Safety Baltimore City City Licensing Requirement for Operators of Construction Equipment Preempted by State Law
Employment Prevailing Wage Law Construction of Redskins Stadium Unpublished Roads and Parking Lots is Subject to Prevailing Wage Law
Environment Municipalities Counties Approval of Grading Permit Unpublished for Location Within Municipality
81 OAG 50 Financial Institutions Banks Insurance Commissioner of Financial Regulation May Authorize State Chartered Banks to Sell Insurance Directly
81 OAG 58 Governor Health Authority to Approve Agreement With World Health Organization
81 OAG 62 Health Occupations Electrologists Civil Rights Sex Disability Restrictions on Service Based on Sex or HIV Status
81 OAG 74 Health Occupations Dentists Ownership, Management, or Conduct of a Dental Office
81 OAG 81 Health Occupations Insurance Reimbursement of Acupuncturists
81 OAG 89 Insurance Financial Institutions Banks Maryland Law Prohibiting Direct Sale of Insurance by National Banks is Preempted by Federal Law
81 OAG 96 Interstate Compacts Highways Prevailing Wage Laws Federal Prevailing Wage Law Applies to Construction of New Woodrow Wilson Bridge or Tunnel
81 OAG 102 Juvenile Causes Courts and Judges Jurisdiction and Procedure Use of "Writs of Attachment"
81 OAG 108 Labor Law Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County Lacks Authority to Engage in Binding Collective Bargaining
81 OAG 112 Licenses Statutory Construction Certification Procedure for Emergency Medical Services Providers is Generally Tantamount to Licensing Regime
81 OAG 121 Military Service Governor Volunteer Training by the Maryland Defense Force
81 OAG 133 Municipalities Counties Authority of County Board to Heal Administrative Appeals Involving Municipal Electrical Code
96-011 Open Meetings Act "Public Body" Maryland School for the Blind Not Unpublished Subject to the Act
81 OAG 140 Open Meetings Act Public Information Act Status of Electronic Mail
81 OAG 147 Public Ethics Law Criminal Law Prosecution for Perjury for False Financial Disclosure Statement
81 OAG 154 Public Information Act State's Attorneys Disclosure of Prosecutorial Files Grounds for Waiver of Fees
81 OAG 159 Public Information Act Auditor Access to Personnel Records Under Federal Law
81 OAG 164 Public Information Act Status of Auditor's "Management Letter"
81 OAG 169 Racing Right of Racing Association to Exclude Licensees From a Race Track
81 OAG 186 Real Property Transportation Statutes Sale and Development of Land for Football Stadium and Sports Complex
81 OAG 196 Retirement Systems Transfer of Service Credits Reduction of Benefits
81 OAG 207 Sheriffs Law Enforcement Officers Courts and Judges Torts Immunity Transport of Prisoners From Another State Pursuant to Court Order
81 OAG 219 Stadium Authority Contracts Budgetary Administration --General Assembly Stadium Authority Acted Lawfully in Entering Agreement to Build Football Stadium
81 OAG 232 State's Attorneys Torts Immunity Immunity of State's Attorneys' Coordinator and State's Attorneys' Coordination Council
81 OAG 240 State Treasurer Torts Immunity Restrictions on Liability for Local Investment Guidelines Oversight
81 OAG 253 Taxation Inheritance Tax Deduction of Expenses From Non-Probate Trust Estates
81 OAG 261 Transportation Highway Administration Transportation Authority Counties Procurement Private Construction and Operation of a Toll Highway
81 OAG 269 Transportation Statutory Construction Budgetary Administration Use of Transportation Trust Fund for Grant to Pay On-Site Infrastructure Costs at Redskins Stadium


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