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Office of the Attorney General
Staff Support to the Open Meetings Compliance Board

Ann MacNeille, Assistant Attorney General
Counsel, Open Meetings Compliance Board
Deborah Spence, Administrator

Contact Information:
Open Meetings Compliance Board
Office of the Attorney General
200 Saint Paul Place
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
E-mail inquiries: opengov@oag.state.md.us.
Telephone inquiries: 410-576-6327

Online Resources
The online class of the Open Meetings Act is available at: http://www.igsr.umd.edu/VLC/OMA/class_oma_intro1.php
The Attorney General's Office has published the following downloadable documents relating to the Open Meetings Act:

Maryland Open Meetings Act Manual (7th ed. October 2010).

Revised Date
Overview Cover, Table of Contents, Preface
October 2010
Chapter 1 Policy and Interpretive Principles
June 2011
Chapter 2 Scope of Open Meetings Act
October 2010
Chapter 3 Procedural Requirements
June 2011
Chapter 4 Open and Closed Meetings
October 2010
Chapter 5 Enforcement
October 2010
Appendix A Text of Open Meetings Act
October 2013
Appendix B Compliance Check List
April 2014
Appendix C Form of Statement for Closing a Meeting
March 2012
Appendix D Model Rules
October 2010
Appendix E Complaint Procedures
August 2012
Appendix F Compliance Board Opinions – Topical Index
October 2010

Updates to the Manual are made online, and revision dates are posted above.


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