CYF special report Released 02/20/15  2014 Annual Report including DJS and MSDE Responses

Released 11/25/14 - JJMU Third Quarter 2014 Reports Compilation including responses from DJS and MSDE

Released 8/26/14 - 2014 2nd Quarter Report including DJS, DHR and MSDE responses

Released 6/04/14 - 2014 1st Quarter Report including DJS and MSDE response

The Juvenile Justice Monitoring Unit (JJMU) originated in October 2002 as the Office of the Independent Juvenile Justice Monitor within the Office for Children, Youth, and Families (Chapter 255, Acts of 2002). In February 2006, the Office of the Independent Juvenile Justice Monitor transferred to the Office of Attorney General, and was renamed the Juvenile Justice Monitoring Unit (Chapter 12, Acts of 2006).

The Unit investigates the needs of children under the jurisdiction of the Department of Juvenile Services and determines whether their needs are being met in compliance with State law. This includes reporting on allegations of abuse and on treatment of and services for youth held in facilities. The JJMU issues public reports quarterly.
To confidentially report issues or problems with any of the facilities in the Maryland juvenile justice system, please call or email the Juvenile Justice Monitor assigned to cover that facility:

Margi Joshi:
(410) 576-6968,


Tim Snyder:
(410) 591-2009,

Eliza Steele:
(410) 576-6563,

Nick Moroney
(410) 576-6599

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200 St. Paul Place, Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone (410) 576-6968
Fax (410) 576-6880
(888) 743-0023 Attorney General's main switchboard (toll-free)