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Home Builder Sales Representative Registration

Effective October 1, 2008, all Sales Representatives for home builders in Maryland must be registered with the Home Builder Registration Unit, including Sales Representatives for home builders who build exclusively in Montgomery County. The registration requirement replaces the requirement that sales agents for home builders be licensed by the Maryland Real Estate Commission, unless the sales agents are also providing Real Estate Brokerage Services. Information about what constitutes providing Real Estate Brokerage Services may be found on the Real Estate Commission's website, http://www.dllr.state.md.us/license/mrec/

Who must register as a Home Builder Sales Representative?

A “Sales Representative” is defined as “an individual employed by a home builder as the home builder's representative to consumers regarding the purchase of a new home from the home builder.” A Sales Representative is an individual who has primary responsibility on behalf of a home builder for interacting with a consumer with respect to the purchase of a new home. This includes the presentation and completion of contractual documents, as well as modification of those documents. It also involves serving as the principal point of contact between the home builder and the consumer from initial visit by the consumer to the home builder's sales office to the closing of the purchase. All Sales Representatives must be registered.

The following people do NOT have to register as a Home Builder Sales Representative:

(1) An independent real estate broker not employed by the home builder with whom the home builder contracts for the sale of new homes. However, an employee of the home builder must register, even if the employee holds a real estate license;

(2) Individuals who perform ancillary services related to the purchase, but are not the principal point of contact for the consumer with respect to the purchase of the new home, are not required to be registered. These ancillary services would include assisting the consumer in selecting options and amenities or otherwise in designing the home, providing general information about a new home community and model homes, and performing administrative or ministerial functions.

(3) An individual employed by an installer or retailer of mobile homes or industrialized buildings intended for residential use.

(4) An employee or officer agent for a nonprofit organization, with at least a 2-year record in the State as a developer of affordable housing for persons with low to moderate incomes, in the initial sale of a home if:

(a) the home is constructed or rehabilitated by the nonprofit organization; and

(b) the purchaser of the home is using federal, State, or local government or other subsidized financing administered by the nonprofit organization for the purpose of assisting individuals with low to moderate incomes to purchase homes.

How does a Sales Representative register?

A Sales Representative can Register Online and pay the non-refundable registration fee of $200 by Visa, Mastercard, check, or money order.

To Register Online, Click here

Or, a Sales Representative can Register By Mail by completing all required forms and mailing them along with a check or money order to the Home Builder Registration Unit.

To Register By Mail, Click here

What is a Registration Certificate?

Upon approval of a registration application received from a Home Builder Sales Representative, the Home Builder Registration Unit will issue a Registration Certificate. The registration is valid for two years. The Registration Certificate must be displayed conspicuously at the property at which the Sales Representative primarily performs work. A Sales Representative must report any changes to the information provided in the registration application within 10 days, including being employed by a different home builder.

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