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Marriages - Clerk Advice files



File Size: 617KB

Marriages – Certificates – "sct" at top of older form of marriage certificate has same meaning as "to wit"

File Size: 212KB

Marriages – Certificates – form of certificate for a Society of Friends marriage ceremony

File Size: 494KB

Marriages – Certificates – procedure on return of certificate evidencing that marriage took place in another county

File Size: 1,150KB

Marriages – Certificates – verification of "no record found" should be obtained from Division of Vital Records, rather than any Clerk's office

File Size: 119KB

Marriages – Foreign Marriages – Maryland law does not provide for a "certificate of ability to marry," but a certificate of no marriage record found may be obtained from the Division of Vital Records

File Size: 332KB

Marriages – Licenses – adoptive siblings, who are not also related by blood, are not prohibited from marriage under Family Law §2-202

File Size: 563KB

Marriages – Licenses – Clerk may, but is not required to, ask for additional proof to verify statements made under oath in application for marriage license

File Size: 122KB

Marriages – Licenses – denial of marriage licenses to same-gender couples

File Size: 41KB

Marriages – Licenses – foreign marriage on a Maryland license

File Size: 103KB

Marriages – Licenses – if neither party is a resident of the county in which the ceremony is to occur, application for a license may be made either by applying for the license at the clerk's office in the same manner as a resident or by making an affidavit before the clerk of the county in which the party resides (NOT APPLICABLE TO CECIL COUNTY)

File Size: 186KB

Marriages – Licenses – issuance of marriage license for marriage by an individual 16 or 17 years old

File Size: 174KB

Marriages – Licenses – license fee due with application

File Size: 317KB

Marriages – Licenses – non-resident affidavit for marriage license application

File Size: 946KB

Marriages – Licenses – status of person whose only prior marriage was annulled is "single"

File Size: 119KB

Marriages – marriage by proxy not valid for a marriage ceremony in Maryland

File Size: 119KB

Marriages – no law or regulation prohibiting or limiting the ability of a Maryland citizen to marry an alien

File Size: 478KB

Marriages – Officiants – judge of U.S. Court of International Trade is a "judge" authorized to perform a marriage ceremony in Maryland (SUPERSEDED BY STATUTORY CHANGES IN 2004)


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