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Juries - Clerk Advice files



File Size: 563KB

Juries – juror compensation should not be reported to the IRS on a Form W-2, but may have to be reported on a Form 1099-Miscellaneous if total compensation exceeds $600

File Size: 135KB

Juries – order to show cause for failure to comply with summons for jury service may be served by any method allowed by Rule 2-121, including certified mail, restricted delivery, return receipt requested

File Size: 170KB

Juries – potential juror disqualified if sentence of a fine of $500 or more and/or imprisonment for more than six months is imposed and then execution of sentence is suspended, but is not disqualified if imposition of sentence is suspended

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Juries – potential juror not disqualified solely because potential juror voluntarily cancels voter registration


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