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Administrative - Clerk Advice files



File Size: 345KB

Administrative – administrative law judge has general right to a grievance hearing, but not for matters covered by State Gov. §9-1605(a)(2)

File Size: 121KB

Administrative – advertisements for private businesses can and should be excluded from Clerks' offices

File Size: 1,360KB

Administrative – authority of, and procedures for, the Chief Administrative Law Judge to remove, suspend, or demote an administrative law judge for cause

File Size: 133KB

Administrative – Board of Airport Zoning Appeals (BAZA) has statutory authority to conduct a fact-finding hearing

File Size: 41KB

Administrative – both deputy clerks and non-deputized assistant clerks may serve as courtroom clerks

File Size: 124KB

Administrative – classification of employees as exempt or non-exempt for purposes of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

File Size: 718KB

Administrative – Clerk cannot distribute or provide free samples of a manufacturer's or other business's products

File Size: 130KB

Administrative – Clerk may only accept a monetary gift to the office if Governor consents, and may only spend such gift pursuant to an appropriation for such expenditure

File Size: 89KB

Administrative – Clerk may provide that overtime results in compensatory leave time instead of additional cash compensation

File Size: 241KB

Administrative – consequences of exceeding budget

File Size: 412KB

Administrative – conviction for perjury does not preclude bar applicant from testifying to character committee or from taking oath of admission if approved

File Size: 227KB

Administrative – courts are not required to provide remote access to electronic court records

File Size: 229KB

Administrative – disposition of unclaimed property that had been evidenced in a case

File Size: 357KB

Administrative – funds held in special interest bearing accounts in connection with pending litigation are not "designated settlement funds" for which the Clerk would have to file a federal income tax return

File Size: 347KB

Administrative – funds in Clerk's "appeal and collateral account" may be deposited into an interest-bearing account, with all interest earned thereon accruing to the State's general fund

File Size: 2,970KB

Administrative – history of Clerks' commissions on public moneys collected as set forth in Art. 17, §74 (now Courts §2-213)

File Size: 182KB

Administrative – judge not entitled to participation in county dental plan beyond maximum COBRA eligibility period

File Size: 206KB

Administrative – judge not entitled to participation in county dental plan beyond maximum COBRA eligibility period

File Size: 563KB

Administrative – juror compensation should not be reported to the IRS on a Form W-2, but may have to be reported on a Form 1099-Miscellaneous if total compensation exceeds $600

File Size: 740KB

Administrative – non-lawyer may not represent employee in grievance hearing, unless non-lawyer representation in such a hearing was specifically allowed by an act of the General Assembly or a rule of the Court of Appeals

File Size: 575KB

Administrative – private compensation for performing title searches is not prohibited compensation for performing official duties (because title searches are not part of clerks' duties), but may be a violation of the Ethics Law

File Size: 659KB

Administrative – procedures for collecting unpaid accounts receivable

File Size: 253KB

Administrative – retention of property that had been evidence in a case

File Size: 208KB

Administrative – termination of an employee while the employee is on leave, including leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

File Size: 295KB

Administrative – vacation day allowance must be based on all years of state employment


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