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1995 Clerk Advice files



File Size: 64KB

Civil – Judicial Review of Agency Action – record of agency proceeding does not have to be returned to agency if agency has notified the Clerk in writing that the record provided is a copy and does not need to be returned

File Size: 461KB 
Land Records – requests for legal advice
File Size: 291KB 
Civil – Fees – procedures in connection with a request for waiver of prepayment of filing fees
File Size: 149KB 
Land Records – Recordation and Transfer Taxes – no taxes on deeds confirming title in redomesticated HMO
File Size: 212KB 
Criminal – Bail Bonds – no charge for keeping an insurer's certificate of authority or power of attorney on file
File Size: 187KB 
Marriages – Certificates – form of certificate for a Society of Friends marriage ceremony
File Size: 1,360KB 
Juvenile – Confidentiality – juvenile proceedings do not have to be disclosed on bar application
File Size: 145KB 
Administrative – authority of, and procedures for, the Chief Administrative Law Judge to remove, suspend, or demote an administrative law judge for cause
File Size: 145KB  
Land Records – Recording Fees and Surcharges – UCC termination statement is not a "release" for purposes of recording charge
File Size: 70KB  
Civil – Fees – appearance fees are to be included in costs assessed pursuant to Rule 2-603
File Size: 494KB  
Criminal – Restitution – earnings withholding orders
File Size: 497KB  
Civil – Funds In Custodia Legis – funds in custodia legis are not subject to IRS attachment and may only be disbursed by Clerk pursuant to a court order in accordance with Rule 16-303
File Size: 126KB 
Civil – Funds In Custodia Legis – certain funds are deemed abandoned 5 years after deposit in court
File Size: 273KB 
Civil – Judicial Review of Agency Action – Clerk's duties
File Size: 79KB 
Land Records – Recordation and Transfer Taxes – consideration payable for a deed from a land developer of a finished lot includes price for raw land and price for developer's improvements to land
File Size: 174KB 
Land Records – Recordation and Transfer Taxes – deeds into a partnership are taxable and there is no implied "estate planning" exemption
File Size: 133KB 
Administrative – Board of Airport Zoning Appeals (BAZA) has statutory authority to conduct a fact-finding hearing

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