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1993 Clerk Advice files



File Size: 1,150KB

Criminal – Fines – fine for traffic violation is not a debt that can be discharged in bankruptcy

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Land Records – Recordation & Transfer Taxes – refund of recordation tax should be granted if mortgage or deed of trust voided during a statutory rescission period
File Size: 132KB 
Land Records – Recordation & Transfer Taxes – deeds into a partnership are taxable and there is no implied "estate planning" exemption
File Size: 171KB 
Land Records – Recordation & Transfer Taxes – assignment of lessee's interest in lease is a deed which must state the consideration payable therefor
File Size: 106KB 
Land Records – Recordation & Transfer Taxes – exemption for a transfer between spouses or former spouses in accordance with a property settlement or divorce decree is applicable to a deed of one spouse's interest in the property that is executed by a court-appointed trustee
File Size: 106KB 
Land Records – Recordation & Transfer Taxes – deed in lieu of foreclosure normally taxed on the amount of debt forgiven, but if mortgagor is insolvent or not personally liable for debt, then taxed on the lesser of the debt forgiven or the fair market value of the property
File Size: 922KB 
Land Records – Recordability – "federal common law lien and writ of attachment" is not recordable
File Size: 290KB 
Land Records – Recordation & Transfer Taxes – "covenant to stand seised (or seized)" is a taxable transfer of beneficial ownership

File Size: 62KB 

Records – obsolete charter records may not be transferred or destroyed if certificates of conveyance of real property were filed there instead of in the Land Records

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