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1992 Clerk Advice files



File Size: 187KB

Civil – Subpoenas – subpoena from another state

File Size: 232KB

Criminal – Bail Bonds – recording a declaration of trust to secure a bail bond

File Size: 201KB

Land Records – Recording Fees and Surcharges – application of surcharge to certain instruments

File Size: 392KB

Civil – Filing – Clerk must accept for filing a paper that has a "certificate of service" that identifies a method of service and a date, even if it is otherwise obviously defective

File Size: 50KB

Civil – Judgments – date of entry of judgment is the date it is entered on docket, rather than date signed by judge or stamped as received by clerk

File Size: 86KB

Land Records – Recordation Taxes and Surcharges – Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) is exempt, as a federal instrumentality, from paying its share of any recordation or transfer taxes due

File Size: 48KB

Land Records – Recordability – "road maintenance agreement" that only binds the current property owner is not recordable on its own

File Size: 89KB

Civil – Fees – Sheriff's fees must be made by separate check payable to sheriff, rather than commingled with payment of Clerk's fees

File Size: 66KB

Civil – Filing – new complaint to be filed under separate case number unless filed after the court has granted a motion to intervene

File Size: 86KB

Civil – Judgments – photocopy of a certified foreign judgment is acceptable for filing pursuant to Rule 1-322(b)

File Size: 58KB

Land Records – Releases – "substitution of trustee and full reconveyance" not to be recorded or indexed as a release

File Size: 476KB

Criminal – Subpoenas – Clerks' duties

File Size: 476KB

Land Records – Recordation and Transfer Taxes – three-party deeds in foreclosure

File Size: 575KB

Administrative – private compensation for performing title searches is not prohibited compensation for performing official duties (because title searches are not part of clerks' duties), but may be a violation of the Ethics Law

File Size: 71KB

Civil – Filing – although discovery materials are not to be filed alone, they may be filed as exhibits to motions and other papers

File Size: 1,010KB

Land Records – Releases – statutory form of certificate of satisfaction (Real Prop. §4-203(d)) is authorized for use as a release by Real Prop. §3-105(d)(4)

File Size: 1,010KB

Land Records – Recordation and Transfer Taxes – clerk has authority to question a bare assertion of the consideration payable, particularly when zero consideration is asserted

File Size: 1,010KB

Land Records – Recordability – "road maintenance agreement" that binds successors and assigns would be recordable on its own

File Size: 617KB

Land Records – Recordability – procedures for determining whether a document is recordable in Land Records

File Size: 229KB

Administrative – disposition of unclaimed property that had been evidence in a case

File Size: 139KB

Land Records – Releases – releases of liens and statements of satisfaction filed by Comptroller are exempt from recording fees

File Size: 571KB

Civil – Judgments – automatic stay applies to enforcement of foreign judgments (SUPERSEDES 10/28/1988)


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