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1988 Clerk Advice files



File Size: 718KB

Land Records – Releases – only trustee may endorse release on original deed of trust (SUPERSEDED BY STATUTORY AMENDMENT)

File Size: 52KB

Land Records – Releases – deed of trust may modify authority of trustee or beneficiary to release an instrument

File Size: 41KB

Administrative – both deputy clerks and non-deputized assistant clerks may serve as courtroom clerks

File Size: 118KB

Civil – Fees – county is exempt from paying fee for depositing funds in a quick-take condemnation proceeding

File Size: 371KB

Civil – Dismissal – Clerk must send all parties notice of dismissal even when entering dismissal pursuant to an earlier order deferring dismissal for a set period

File Size: 946KB

Marriages – Licenses – status of person whose only prior marriage was annulled is "single"

File Size: 33KB

Land Records – Recordation and Transfer Taxes – first-time Maryland home buyer exemption does not apply to the purchase of unimproved land on which the buyer intends to build a home

File Size: 304KB

Land Records – Recordability – covenant not to encumber is not recordable in Land Records (SUPERSEDES 51 Op. Att'y Gen. 226 (1966))

File Size: 70KB

Land Records – Releases – to be used as a release, promissory note must be both marked "paid" or "canceled" and accompanied by required affidavit

File Size: 46KB

Land Records – Recordability – "deed" of cemetery lot is not recordable in Land Records because it does not actually convey any interest or estate in real property

File Size: 103KB

Marriages – Licenses – if neither party is a resident of the county in which the ceremony is to occur, application for a license may be made either by applying for the license at the clerk's office in the same manner as a resident or by making an affidavit before the clerk of the county in which the party resides (NOT APPLICABLE TO CECIL COUNTY)


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