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Consumer Protection Division News Releases

12/20/00 Bankrupt Hagerstown Dry Cleaner to Allow Customers to Retrieve Clothing
12/11/00 Curran Charges "Flipping Ring" With Unfair, Deceptive Trade Practices
12/06/00 Attorney General Outlines Safety Guidelines, Lists "Dangerous Toys" for Parents
11/17/00 Curran Orders Companies to Cease Sale of Bidi Cigs Over Internet, Warns Parents of Dangers
11/03/00 Curran Announces Home Builder Registration Unit
11/02/00 Curran Announces Rebate for Consumers As Part of Contact Lens Settlement
10/31/00 Curran Targets "Top 10" Online Scams
10/25/00 Don't Let Errors in Credit Report Cost You, Attorney General Advises
10/23/00 Curran Announces Flipping/Predatory Lending Initiative
10/20/00 Curran Announces Flipping Initiative at Press Conference Monday
10/16/00 Curran Alerts Consumers to Options Available for Replacement of Bridgestone/Firestone Tires
10/06/00 Curran Announces Three Indicted in Canadian Telemarketing Scheme
10/05/00 Curran Orders Company to Cease Offering Bogus Foreclosure Prevention Services
09/22/00 Curran Announces Recalled Tire Bounty Program, Tells Bridgestone/Firestone Incentive Not Enough
09/22/00 Curran Announces Settlement With U.S. Bancorp
09/21/00 Curran Offers Consumers Tips on Obtaining Medical Records
09/13/00 Agreement Requires American Express Publishing Corp. to Make Changes in Sweepstakes
08/24/00 Agreement Requires Time Inc. to Make Changes in Sweepstakes Promotions
08/21/00 Realty Property Management Company Agrees to Stop Charging Tenants Improper Fees
08/16/00 Attorney General Curran Demands Widening of Tire Recall
07/21/00 Curran Objects to Proposed Sale of Customer List by Toysmart.com
06/20/00 Curran To Consumers: Be Wary of New "Buying Club" Scam Utilizing Clever Mailings
06/13/00 In Response to Supreme Court HMO Ruling, Curran Reminds Marylanders That His Office Can Assist
05/23/00 Curran and Schaefer Announce New Consumer Partnership
05/22/00 Curran and Schaefer Team Up for Consumers
05/10/00 Curran Orders Aloe Company to Stop "Miracle Cure" Claims and to Pay Restitution and $3.7 Million in Civil Penalties
04/25/00 Watch Out for Hidden Fees in Credit Card Offers, Attorney General Says
04/14/00 Curran Charges Prince George's County Mirror Company with Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices
04/07/00 Attorney General Warns About Possible Con Artist Offering to Locate Unclaimed Property
04/05/00 Curran Orders Credit Repair Company to Cease Illegal Credit Repair Practices
04/05/00 Multi-State Sweepstakes Settlement Nets U.S. Consumers $30 Million
03/22/00 Don't Fall for Pyramid Schemes, Attorney General Advises
02/29/00 Attorney General Provides List of Flood-Damaged Cars from N.C.
02/24/00 Attorney General Alerts Marylanders of Recent Credit Card Scam
02/18/00 Attorney General Announces Free Repairs to Water Heaters Through Settlement
02/16/00 Attorney General Goes Back to School as Part of National Consumer Protection Week
02/15/00 Bankrupt Baltimore Dry Cleaner to Give Customers Four-Hour Window to Retrieve Clothing
02/10/00 Attorney General Warns Consumers to Watch Out for Cons and Bad Deals When Cyber-Shopping
01/28/00 Anne Arundel County Travel Agency Fined in Vacation Scam



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