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What's Your Consumer IQ?

Consumer Information from the Federal Trade Commission

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Consumer Tips and Publications

Free copies can be requested at 410-576-6500 or toll-free 1-888-743-0023.


Consumer Guide for Marylanders

Landlords and Tenants: Tips on Avoiding Disputes
Nursing Homes: What You Need to Know
Buying a New Home: Consumer Rights and Remedies
Home Buyers: Beware of Flipping Scams
(en español: Cuidado con el Fraude "Flipping" )
Identity Theft


Protecting Marylanders in the Marketplace


Automobile Leasing
Auto Repair
Buying a New Car
Lemon Law
New Car Contracts
Buying a Used Car
Compra de un Coche Usado

Consumer Essentials
Keeping Your Eyes Open When Donating to Charities
Complaining Effectively
What's Your Consumer IQ?

Credit and Finances
Credit Card Fraud
Credit Card Offers: What's the Catch?
Credit Cards: Fraudulent Offers
Credit Cards: Disputing a Charge
Credit Insurance: Read the Fine Print Before You Buy
Credit Repair Scams Chinese Translation
Credit Reports
Credit: Solving a Major Problem
Debt Management and Settlement Companies
Debit Cards
Debt Collection: Your Rights
The Evolution of Scammers
E-Z Loans, Danger Zones
Financial Exploitation
Foreclosure Scams Chinese   Korean
Investment/Savings Scams

Career School Contracts
Employment Services
Multi-level Marketing/Pyramid Schemes
Work-At-Home Scams

Contact Lens Prescriptions
Health Discount Cards
Health Insurance-Denial of Coverage
Hearing Aids
Herbal Supplement Warnings
HMOs: Selecting The Best For You
Understanding Medical Bills
Medical Information: Privacy
Medical Insurance: Using It Wisely
Medical Records
Nursing Homes: What You Need to Know
Weight Loss Claims
What's Your Health Education and Advocacy IQ?

Buying a New Home (PDF)
Condominium Living
Common Ownership Communities

Eviction: Get the Facts
Furniture and Mattresses
Hiring a Mover
Home Equity Loans: Beware Predatory
Home Repair Rip-Offs
Home Security Systems
Landlords and Tenants: Resolving Disputes
Landlord Foreclosure Update Chinese  Korean

Mobile Homes
Rental Application Fees
Tenant Rights for Students

Mail, Phone and Internet
Cell Phone Bill Surprises
E-Mail Scams
Extra Phone Bill Charges (Cramming)
Foreign Lottery Scams: Convincing But Phony
“Free Trial” Offer Scams
Internet Auctions
Internet Privacy
Online Piracy Prevention: Navigating Dangerous Waters
Pay-Per-Call Scams
Pre-Paid Phone Cards
Shopping From Home
Stop Telemarketing and Junk Mail
Telephone Long Distance Switching (Slamming)

Identity Theft
Internet Privacy
Medical Information: Privacy
Protect Your Privacy

Purchases and Contracts
Carpet Purchases
CD and Tape Clubs
Contracts: Know What You're Signing
Add Ons: Financing, Credit Insurance and Service Contracts
When a Store Goes Out of Business
Gift Cards: Avoiding Potential Pitfalls
Home Security Systems
Long-Term Contracts: Fitness Centers, Lawn Care, Karate Lessons and More
No-Interest Financing
Refunds and Exchanges
Returning Defective Items
Service Contracts
Timeshares: a Break from Reality?
Toy Safety

Sweepstakes and Telemarketing
How to Stop Telemarketing and Junk Mail
900 Numbers
Telemarketing Scams

Travel/Health Club Contracts
Joining a Healthclub
Property Resale Scams
Spring Break Rip-Offs
Vacation Packages



Attorney General of Maryland 1 (888) 743-0023 toll-free / TDD: (410) 576-6372
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